Air conditioning unit (fresh air unit) (6-750kw cooling capacity, 9-1000kw heating capacity)

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Brand Name: HAYE
Model Number: HYGFP1.5A-HYGFP40D
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 23,2012

Product Description: Air conditioning unit (fresh air unit) (6-750kw cooling capacity, 9-1000kw heating capacity)

HYGFP type Haye cabinet air-conditioning unit is composed of the low-noise wind machine, heat exchanger, frame, panel, air filter and other components. According to different conditions and different requirements, it can also be called the low-noise air-conditioning unit, wind volume exchanging air-conditioning unit (with equipped control box), new wind unit and air treatment unit. The outside connected refrigeration water or heating water can circularly flow in the heat exchanger through the water pump and it ca exchange the heat with air. The new wind from the outside or the returned wind indoors can be cleaned through the filter of the wind inlet, and its temperature can be reduced or increased through the heat exchanger and sent to the use place by the wind machine.


Haye cabinet air-conditioning unit can be divided into the series of roof, super-thin roof, standing and horizontal type. The treated wind volume is from 1500 m3/h to 40000m3h, the refrigeration volume is from 6.5KW to 790KW and the heat is from 10kW to 1100kW.


Features of Unit

1.Frame Structure: The unit adopts the full aluminum alloy anti-cold-bridge frame structure. Every angle of the frame is connected by the aluminum alloy structure component with the excellent strength, light weight, anti-corrosion capability and beautiful appearance.

2.Panel structure: The unit adopts the panel of the double-layer structure: inside and outside. The inside panel is the zinc-plated steel plate and producing foam by the middle polyurethane, and its features are: good strength, good anti-cold-bridge capability, good noise of noise separation, and it is suitable for the places with high requirements of air quality.

3. Wind Machine and Engine: The unit adopts the acentric wind machine of double ways of putting in wind. The wind machine passes the action and stability test, and the operation is stable with little noise. The bearing of the wind machine adopts the imported bearing and the engine adopts the low-noise motor.

4.Heat Exchanger: The turn-up heat exchanger adopts the structure of the high quality copper pipe passing through the aluminum piece. It is the optimatized design, and its capability of heat exchanging is good with little wind block and water block.

5.The filter unit adopts the high quality plate type plate with primary filter. It has little wind block and it can be cleaned for many times.

6.Water Concentration Plate: The water concentration plate adopts the new dry type structure with the plastic coat on top to ensure the smooth discharge and avoid the problem of water leakage.

7.The functions of heating, increasing humidity and filter with medium effect can be added according to the requirements of the clients.

Judgment of Left and Right Type Unit

Facing the wind inlet, if the water drawing and discharging pipes are on the left, the unit is the left type and the contrary is the right type. The water pipe of the standard unit, the circuit opening of the power source and the check gate are at the same side.

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