Black Window Film for car

Price: US $1 - 20 / Meter
Brand Name: DOOP
Model Number: DP
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 22,2011

Product Description: Black Window Film for car

  Film feature - Visible Light Transmitted (VLT): 5% to 85%; - Solar Energy Rejected (IRT): 5% to 95%; - Ultraviolet Rejected (UVR): 96%(±3%); - Tickness: 2mil to 8mil  Any size, packing is available. For Window Film / TintPacking details of window film in different size: DIY KIT size:0.5 X 3 m/ 20" x 120"0.75 x 6m / 30" x 240"   1.52m x 30m / 60"x  100'  Basic Installation Instructions of DIY window film If you are new to window film installation and you want a “perfect” job; we recommend that you have a professional installer do the work.  They get it right the first time.Basic Tools required:·         Spray bottle  (with baby shampoo & water)·         Olfa knife (cutter) & blades  (always be careful not to cut yourself)·         Squeegees·         Scraper & blades (always be careful not to cut yourself)·         Misc.: -   Baby Shampoo -   Paper Towels (lint free) -   Razor (1” razors) – careful not to cut yourself or others! Step 1: Preparing the Installation Solution ·         Get your spray bottle & trigger·         Put 5-10 drops of baby shampoo in a one quart spray bottle -    Amount of shampoo depends on how much lubricant you want/need.  Beginners usually want     more shampoo.  The more shampoo, the more “slippery” it is.  Too much shampoo can cause the film to slide off the window.  In cold environments, it takes longer to dry & can slip off §  When installing safety film, too much shampoo can cause the heavy safety film to slide down the window before the adhesive has time to activate with the glass.  Thus, use less shampoo. -   Amount of shampoo also depends on your water’s ph balance.  Each area & tinter uses  a  different amount of shampoo based on water and experience·         Fill the bottle up with water & shake·         Adjust nozzle to have a nice even spray Step 2: Preparing the Glass·         Note:  All dirt & debris must be taken out.  Any debris or “dust” on the glass, window frame or air that gets trapped between the film & glass will show.  So clean, scrape, clean, and clean.  Then clean the window again.·         Wash the side of the glass on which you want to affix the film with your solution.   After that, spray it again with the soapy solution.·         Scrape the window clean of any adhesive, grease, paint, varnish, stickers, dirt and any other foreign matter using a scraper / razor blade.  Be careful not to cut yourself.  Clean the corners extra well.  Wipe clean and dry with paper towels (lint free)·         Clean the glass surface again-  Wipe excess water with squeegee-  Wipe down corners with lint free paper towel·         Spray the entire surface again with the soapy solution.Step 3: Preparing the Film·         Measure the surface of the glass and cut the film one inch wider and one inch longer than the glass surface.  (Be careful not to get “paper cuts” from the sides of the window film) ·         Stick a piece of tape on either side of the film.  Pull each piece of the tape outwards in the opposite direction. ·         Remove the liner and activate the adhesive by spraying it with the soap solution. ·         Apply the solution on the film thoroughly, including the edges.Step 4: Applying the Film on the Glass ·         Prepare the window surface for application by spraying it thoroughly with soap solution so that it’s wet. ·         Pick up the film by the corners and place the adhesive side against the glass, moving it around until it’s positioned properly. ·         Look at it from various angles to check whether it’s been placed properly.Step 5: Squeegee out Excess Water and Air Bubbles ·         Spray the exposed side facing you with the soapy solution.·         Using a squeegee, squeegee the film from top to bottom to remove the excess water and air bubbles.Step 6: Finishing Touches·         Trim the excess film carefully using an olfa knife (cutter) -   Be careful not to cut yourself! ·         Spray the film with the soap solution and squeegee again to remove all excess water and air bubbles from under the film. ·         With safety film, use extra pressure to make sure you get all the water out. ·         If needed, squeegee again (spray solution on top of the film to avoid scratching it.)·         Place a paper towel on the squeegee and squeegee all the edges by stroking towards the  glass frames. View the window from outside; if any air bubbles are seen, squeegee and remove them.·         Clean up and make sure you picked up all olfa blades & razor blades There you have it! Your window now has a cool new look, offering you protection against the sun. We carry auto tint, residential window films, safety film, home tint, sun blocking window films, uv tint.  Apply window film to the inside surface of glass.   Please feel free to contact us.

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