tamper proof security hologram label

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Model Number: 2011.7.21A002
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 22,2011

Product Description: tamper proof security hologram label

 the tamper proof security hologram label made by the material which have regression reflection characteristics, it contains Flash image Angle, multi-dimensional flash flash Angle,reflective watermarking model, etc...size:60mm*60mm, color silver, anti-counterfeiting features--easy destructive; application--for hot stamping. 1.tamper proof security hologram label2.one time use sticker3.warranty seal sticker4.easy destroyed hologram sticker5.hot stamping hologram label6.hologram security trademark7.special paper printing8.high complicated security trademark9.safety mark10.physics and biochemistry anti-counterfeiting printing11.safety line12.laser security trademark13.anti-counterfeiting printing14.hologram security trademark15.tamper proof sticker16.self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting trademark17.water-disappear anti-counterfeiting printing18.color changing anti-counterfeiting printing19.heat sensitive security trademark20.positioning hot stamping hologram21.tamper evident sticker22.nuclear track anti-counterfeiting sticker23.various kinds of security packaging24.one time use sticker25.3D anti-counterfeiting printing26.anti-counterfeiting entrance ticket printing27.security certificate28.hollowing numbers security sticker29.miniature engraving security printing30.anti-counterfeiting sticker31.intaglio printing,32.hot stamping hologram sticker on fabric33.gravure and latent image anti-counterfeiting34.gravure micro printing35.security hang tag36.security scratch off card37.special anti-counterfeiting printing38.encryption security trademark printing39.laser hot stamping security sticker40.rolled hologram sticker41.coupon gift anti-counterfeiting printing42.cash coupon43.unlocking anti-counterfeiting printing44.serial numbers security sticker45.variable date printing46.comprehensive security sticker47.color changing barcode security printing48.invisible barcode sticker49.nuclear pore anti-counterfeiting sticker50.heavy particle anti-counterfeiting sticker51.3D grating printing52.scratch off card53.scratch off lottery card54.invisible fiber paper printing55.digital code security sticker56.scratch off code security label57.serial numbers hologram label58.hot stamping hologram security label59.hologram with barcode one time use sticker60.easy destroyed security sticker61.fragile paper sticker62.hot stamping hologram on PVC card63.various kinds of member card printing64.3D dynamic card65.tamper proof sticker66.high complicated and comprehensive security sticker67.safety line anti-counterfeiting certificate68.hot stamping ticket printing69.dot matrix hologram label70.3D hologram label71.high resolution hologram label72.hologram master73.optical changeable ink security label74.cigarette label75.security wine label76.car glass security sticker77.hot stamping foil78.lamination holographic foil79. gravure texture flower anti-counterfeiting printing80. invisible security printing81. security cards         ,

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