Vibration tester~Computer Control Vibrating Test Machine

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Brand Name: Lenpure
Model Number: LRHS-600
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 23,2012

Product Description: Vibration tester~Computer Control Vibrating Test Machine


Computer control vibrating table


Vibration Test Stand It is a good tool for you to enhance your product quality, and can simulate various environments that may arise during manufacturing, assembling, transport and implementation of products to evaluate whether the products can endure the vibration in the environment; it is suitable for R&D, quality management and manufacturing of various circles and industries, like electronics, electro-mechanics, optoelectronics, automobile and vehicles, toys…So it shall be your first-choice tester with absolute quality reliability.
Functions: Sine wave,(linpin) FM, frequency sweep, programmable, DF, logarithm, amplitude, max. acceleration, time control, 485 communication interface, simple constant amplitude, simple constant amplitude.


Frequency adjustment function

Any frequency shall fall within the required range

(Max acceleration: <20g; max vibration amplitude: <5mm)

Frequency sweep function

(Upper frequency limit/lower frequency limit/time range) 

the actual standard can be set randomly to conduct frequency sweep.

Programmable function

All 15 sections can be set  (frequency/time) (cyclic)


doubling function

The vibration of all 15 sections shall increase twofold: 1. low-high 2. high-low 3.low-high-low/cyclic



Frequency can display with accuracy of 0.01Hz

Precision: 0.1Hz

Time: 0.1min

Programme capacity:

Have 120 groups of programmes

Every group have 99 sections

Every section is capable of circulating 999 steps

The longest duration of every term is 99 hours and 59 minutes.

Vibration direction: 1: Vertical 2: Horizontal 3: Vertical + horizontalVibration waveform: Sine wave Amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p): 0~5mmMax. acceleration: <20gBench size: 50*50 cmLoad: 50Kg or 100Kg

Time control: Any time (sec) can be set.Calculation formula:1g=9.8m/s2 Acceleration=0.002×f2×D (g) f = frequency (HZ) D = amplitude (p-p)Model:

Power supply frequency: 50HZ: L, HLFrequency: 1-600HZ: P, HP, TPFrequency: 1-5000HZ: T, HT, TTFull-function computer control:Including LCD computer and printer (The functions of control, storage, record and printing are available. (Optional)


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Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-21-31398816

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