WYQ24 hydraulic pipe tube bending machine, profile section rolling machine,door frame bending machin

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Product Description: WYQ24 hydraulic pipe tube bending machine, profile section rolling machine,door frame bending machin

1. Brief introduction

It is half-hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical rolling machine. It is used at room temperature, with this machine you can bend various profiles into some types. It can roll profile of cycle, spiral. Changing the mould, it can bend and roll angle steel, flat steel, square steel, channel, steel, circle steel, pipe and so on. The machine is of compact structure, reliable working performance, small volume, full functions, it is economical and practical.  

The machine is now the most advanced profile molding equipment at home and abroad. It is widely used in the field of oil, chemical, ship, water and electricity, metal structure , machinery and manufacturing and so on.


2. working principle and structure characteristics

It is half-hydraulic machine, the upper roller achieve rise and fall movement through down pressure oil tank, the rotating of the two main section is composed of bed, lower-roller, support roller, transmission, electrics, hydraulic component, mould and so on.

2.1 the frame section

 It is achieved by steel plate whole welding, making the whole machine take full strength and stiffness through removing stress dealing, it can bend various profiles in the rang of machine ability.

2.2 the upper roller section

  It is composed of the upper roller axis, the connection plate, the slide block, gland and so on. The upper roller is following axis, make upper roller rise and fall pressing workpiece, material come into being plastic deformation, finishing the bending of profile through the action of hydraulic oil tank.

2.3 the lower roller section

  It is composed of the lower roller axis, bear, double row bearings tune and gland. The two lower roller is active axis, abtaining by the output bear of the reducer taking the gear of the lower rollers, it is also the active power.

2.4 the transmission section

The two lower rollers is active roller, the upper roller is following roller, it consists of first section belt transmission, second section reducer transmission, third section bear transmission, making lower roller do positive and negative movement. Through friction producing by mold and profile to drive the upper mold, finishing the work of bending and rolling work piece.

2.5 hydraulic system

  The rising and falling of upper roller is finishing by hydraulic system, rated working pressure is 19.5MPa.

  The system adopted bear pump, the rising and falling of oil tank is controlled by the components such as electromagnetic valve, overflow valve and electromagnetic relief valve, doing empty load, down pressure adjustment, over-load unloading before turning on the machine, observating adjusting range of system and pressure fluctuations situation through seismic pressure.

  System is form of button control, get electrical situation of electromagnetic valve decide the working situation of executing agency(rising and falling of oil tank),by hydraulic control single valve carrying out protecting pressure opposing to executing components. The system working media is 46# anti-mill hydraulic oil, filled oil must be clear, no-impurities. Before turning on the machine must notice that the rotating of motor is as same as the mark, the maintenance of hydraulic system is carried out as for relevant stipulate.

2.6 electrical control system

  It adopts exchange electrical power by 3-shape 380V 50HZ, providing electricity control circuit, changing 380V for 220V through control transformer providing electricity, electric operation control and illustrate are uniformly putting on the electrical control cabinet,every operating control is showing by figurative symbol, and fitting with movable operation console.


The function of operator plate button:

1),SBO: urgent stop button(red mushroom shape)

2),SB1: coordinating use by rising button and display touch key

3),SB2: coordinating use by falling button and display touch key

4),SB3: oil pump starting

5),SB4: lower roller rotating on the left

6),SB5: lower roller rotating on the right

7),SB6: lower roller stop.

8),SAO: left and right rotating point of lower roller moving ,linkage selection 


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