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 Manufacturer: Pharmatech Asia GroupCertificates: Pharmaceutical GMP,                     Halal,                     ISO,                      HACCP                     Site Licence issued by Health CanadaWebsite:      Benefits     In humans, vitamin C is essential to a healthy diet as well as being a highly effective antioxidant, acting to lessen oxidative stress; a substrate for ascorbate peroxidase, and an enzyme cofactor for the biosynthesis of many important biochemicals. Vitamin C acts as an electron donor for important enzymes. Adverse Effects:     High doses (thousands of milligrams) may result in diarrhea in healthy adults. Proponents of alternative medicine (specifically orthomolecular medicine) claim the onset of diarrhea to be an indication of where the body’s true vitamin C requirement lies, because this is the point where the body uses vitamin's water solubility to simply flush out the unusable portion, as the diarrhea length/intensity is directly correlated to the quantity of the overdose, though this has yet to be clinically verified. Recommended Intakes:     The North American Dietary Reference Intake recommends 90 milligrams per day and no more than 2 grams (2,000 milligrams) per day. Other related species sharing the same inability to produce vitamin C and requiring exogenous vitamin C consume 20 to 80 times this reference intake. There is continuing debate within the scientific community over the best dose schedule (the amount and frequency of intake) of vitamin C for maintaining optimal health in humans. It is generally agreed that a balanced diet without supplementation contains enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy in an average healthy adult, while those who are pregnant, smoke tobacco, or are under stress require slightly more.

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