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Product Description: Natural herbal Spinach powder

Natural orgnic  herbal extracts of Spinach has been used for years to help relieve anemic problems. Its high iron content is well known, but its chlorophyll content is, perhaps, even more effective in raising the hemoglobin by building red blood cells.Research from the 1980s, has linked Spinach with cutting the risks of invading infection and enhancing the immune system. The high histidine, beta-carotene and content in Spinach (and other leafy green vegetables, i.e., cabbage, parsley, mustard greens and broccoli) are thought to build our immune system and ward off infection and foreign invaders. The chlorophyll content is also one of nature's best ways to detoxify the colon (potentially helping to prevent serious colon problems) and further supports its reputation as an immune system enhancer that gives protection from low levels of radiation, such as TV, computers and microwaves. Spinach may prevent age-related macular degeneration of the eye. Medical researchers have speculated that certain nutrients in Spinach (including the carotonoids, but even more so, lutein and zeaxanthin) accounted for the reduction of risk for acquiring the ailment, because they filter out visible blue light. An article in the 1994 Journal of the American Medical Association noted the fact that Spinach may help to protect against, or at least slow, the progress of this eye problem. The chlorophyll in Spinach is a well-known aid to good digestion and is also said to inhibit halitosis. In addition, by helping to detoxify the body, and especially the colon, Spinach prevents pollutants from getting into the bloodstream and helps to improve skin health, combating acne, blemishes and other skin problems. Women may benefit from the high calcium content in Spinach, because it helps to combat osteoporosis and bone loss. This quality is also good for healthy skin, teeth, hair and nails. Spinach is believed to be an effective anti-inflammatory that relieves the pain of arthritis. Spinach contains the trace element, manganese, which may be particularly important to diabetics, and both children and adults with diabetes are said to benefit from the use of Spinich. Spinach is a superior, highly nutritious food that is said to combat fatigue, boost energy levels, increase brain function and reduce age-related, cognitive problems. Spinach is a rich source of Coenzyme Q-10 whose actions resemble those of vitamin E. It may be an even more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E, and it plays a critical role in the production of energy in every cell of the body. It aids circulation, stimulates the immune system, increases tissue oxygenation and has vital anti-ageing effects. It is thought to be beneficial in relieving the temporary symptoms of allergies, asthma, mental function and many other conditions.

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