natural remedy,Chinese herb medicine,cold medicines,shuang huang lian oral liquid

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Post Date: Jul 21,2011

Product Description: natural remedy,Chinese herb medicine,cold medicines,shuang huang lian oral liquid

Product Advantage Ministry of Health of China recommends Sanjing Brand Shuanghuanlian oral liquid can resisit influenza virus effectively. It is listed in "the Plan of curing and preventing A/H1N1 Virus"by China Health Ministry.Double effects of anti-bacteria and anti-viruses in onekill flu and cold virus effectively and quicklyThree materials in the Traditional Chinese Medicines formula can be supplement for each other and support for each other, which exerts effective components to greatest degree.withour side-effectSpecification [Product name] Shuanghuanglian oral liquid [Ingredients] Honeysuckle flower, Scutellaria root, Forsythia fruit  Introduction of effective composition  →Honeysuckle Flower:It contains cyanidenon, inositol, saponin and tannin. It has efficacies of heat-clearing and detoxicating.  →Scutellaria Root: It contains baicalein, baicalin, wogonin, wogonoside and neobaicalein, and antipyrine benzoate, β- sitosterin. It has efficacies of reducing sthenia fire, dehumidifying stopping bleeding and anti-abortion. →Forsythia suspense:It is the fruit of Oleaceae plant forsythia suspense. It contains forsythol, sterol compound, saponin and flavonol glycoside, resinol glycoside. It can relieve fever, deintoxicaton, eliminate stagnation and detumescence.   [Function] √  It has efficacies of acrid-cold herbs relieving superficies, heat-clearing and      detoxicating. √  It is mainly used to cure fever caused by wind-heat, cough and pharyngodynia. √  It is also used to cure upper respiratory infection caused by virus or bacterial      infection, amygdalitis and pneumonia and removal of heat and virus. √  It is used for common cold with fever, cough and sore throat.  [Description] It is clear brown red liquid and taste sweet and a little bitter [Category] OTC for influenza [Usage and dosage] 2 vials each time, 3 times daily, oral liquid. [Storage] Preserve in a tightly container away from direct light [Package] 10ml/vial×10vials/box×90boxes/carton[Carton size] 420mm×310mm×240mm[Gross Weight] 19.5kg

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