HT glossy quick set non skinning offset ink

Price: US $ 2.5 - 3.5 / Kilogram
Brand Name: KINGINK
Model Number: HT
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 20,2012

Product Description: HT glossy quick set non skinning offset ink


HT-Type Fast Setting Brightness Offset Printing Ink

.1)Product introduction

HT-Type Fast Setting Brightness Offset Printing Ink is also called sheet-fed four-color process offset printing ink. Its applicable to various kinds of offset lithography to carry out single-color and multi-color printing, and is widely used in printing high-gloss papers just as copperplate paper, white printing plate paper etc.


2) Product characteristics

1. Fast drying, good setting

2. Bright colors, high density, good overprint and revivification

3. Good printability and transitivity


3)Code & Description

HT-11 Warm Red  HT-12 Bright Red  HT-15 Deep Red  HT-63 Green HT-14  Magenta  HT-16 Peach Blow HT-21 Leon Yellow HT-28 Orange

HT-24 Process Yellow HT-25 Light Yellow HT-23Clarity YellowHT-81 White

HT-26 Deep Yellow HT-32 Peafowl Blue HT-34 Process Cyan

HT-18 Purplish Red HT-33 Process Cyan  HT-36 Deep Blue  HT-51 Black  HT-17 Rose Red  HT-35 Indigo  HT-38 Reflex Blue


4)Usage and Precautions

1. This product can be used in printing machine directly, in normal, dont need any auxiliary material.

2. Due to the effect of printing condition and environment, the clients need to add some auxiliary materials by themselves.

A. Dryness Adjustment: The drying time of the printing work will be longer, when the humidity, the acidity of paper and fountain solution is too high. In this case, adding some dryer is needed. But please make sure do not add so much that it crusts on the machine.

B. Density Adjustment: Please use reducer and over-printing varnish to adjust if the light ink is needed. That made brightness and adjustable well.

3. Good condition in ethanol-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, and reach the international standard.

4. This product should deposit in a cool place, avoiding solarization and drenching.

5. We can adjust the special color according to the customers requests.

6. Expiration period: Two years.



Supplier Details:

Foshan Kingink Printing Ink Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-757-85338273

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