100% natural bath sponge

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Product Description: 100% natural bath sponge

100% natural bath sponge Konjac is a perennial herb in aroid family,Since ancient times, it has been widely use as a kind of medical and edible natural plant. Used in the foodstuff industry, it has been called nontraditional industrial revolution. And now the food made of konjac is classified one of ten health food. Konjac is absolutely safe to use for its long history, when it has been recorded in Shudu Fu by a writer Zuosi of the Western Jin Dynasty in China. After that Konjac was introduced to Japan. As yet, it is one of the tasteful food liked by many people. Konjac is praised as health food with the functions of therapeutic and fit-keeping as well as delicious. research results have proved that konjac glucomannan has so many advantages such as to make metabolism to be normal concentration, to lower blood lever of triglyceride, to be easy to control hyperglycemia and can also move the bowels, reduce weight and prevent the concretizations in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it could be developed into one kind of new medicine of healthcare functions which can prevent and treat hyperglycemia, hyperlipermia, constipation and adiposis. It is recorded by Compendium of Materia Medica in treating dermal ailments that konjac is weak in taste and cool in nature, can keep the swelling down, relieve the pain. Principle : carbuncle, inflammatory and scrofula. It commonly used to treat snakebite and poison, nameless swelling and pain, furuncle, cervical scrofula and carbuncle and scald. shows that konjac is praised as serum remover at abroad. After many years of in Japan, it is considered that konjac is an ideal product for cosmetic. Internal use is in effective for eliminating toxin and reducing weight, and external use can be cleansing, caring, whiting and nourishing the skin. It is also a rare beauty gifts. Konjac is absolutely safe to use as cosmetic and wash and skin-care . For growing 1500 ~ 2500m mountain area, it can be guaranteed that this product is not polluted and the process is completed by handmade. Konjac------ is a wonderful plant with greatly praised and pollution-free in high elevation mountainous. It is the for containing KGM and effectively whitening factors (PC) It has the functions of eliminating toxin, reducing weight and protecting the skin. Konjac Sponge ------ As a natural product for skin-care with a history of 140 years, the comes from . This product is made by the traditional crafts with konjac essence. Its lasts for 2 months in order to reel off raw silk from konjac root, so each product is showing high quality. Konjac Sponge Series------ It is one of favorite choices when people will go abroad for giving a present in Japan. Many presenters highly recommended this skin-care product such as Yi Nengjing work for Beauty Art Circles and Ms. Niu for Women Im No. 1. Especially, it is considered as preferred product of star by many professional dressers in Hollywood, named Secret of Hollywood.

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