2012 healthy konjac mannan and low fat food-konjac instant shirataki noodles

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Post Date: May 17,2012

Product Description: 2012 healthy konjac mannan and low fat food-konjac instant shirataki noodles

Chinese-style Instant konjac wet noodles

1.Greenfood,healthy,delicious noodles,
2.Low calorie, high dietary fiber
3.Alkaline food,non-fried food
4.Good quality,Reasonable price,Fast delivery and Best service

5.Passed ISO and QS certificates

6.OEM is welcome.

The details of konjac low-calorie wet noodles(shirataki noodles)

(1)Ingredients  konjac powder and water, calcium hydroxide Solution.

PS  the color is transparent, and if you need to make it white, we can add potato starch.

(2)Function reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, facilitate bowel movement, disperse the stasis and prevent cancer.
The nutritional value of konjac wet noodles(100g)

(3)Specification 200g,340g, 460g (Solid Materials is 70%).

(4)Box size 40.5*28.5*15.6cm

(5)Packaging  double polyethylene bag, 20bags/box

PS  The soluble dietary fiber is also a kind of carbohydrate, which cannot generate heat, oppositely,can balance excessive absorption of sugar, fat, and cholesterol to human body.

(6)Shelf life  12 months
(7)Storage sealed, keep in the ventilated, dry and cool places

(8)We can do the OEM.

•This product is made of fresh konjac, which grow in virgin forest in Qinba area of Shaanxi Province, we use advanced method to remove harmful alkaloid components and distill the KGM(soluble dietary fibre), aminophenol, Ca, Na,Zn,which are good for health.

Direction  This product looks smooth, pliable and can be easily cooked.

It’s an ideal food and suitable for frying, boiling, stewing, hot pot and making salad.

 The difference of dietary fiber in Konjac and Celery

•Konjac is the only perennial herb plant in nature, which can provide a large number of soluble dietary fiber - glucomannan.

The prominent nutrition and health functions of soluble dietary fibre- KGM in konjac is able to play the regulatory role of nutritional imbalance.

•It is different with insoluble dietary fiber of cabbage, celery and other vegetables, which discharge across the human body in original shape, KGM can participate in the body's metabolism and prevent bacteria of intestinal to human body.

•Studies have shown that soluble dietary fibers have significant function on improving gluco metabolism, but the insoluble dietary fiber has not significant effects on this.

konjac root

 konjac powder



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Some advice





3 to 4 grams

Once, repeat after 12 hours if needed


3.6 to 7.2 grams

Once a day

High Cholesterol

3.9 grams

Once a day

Weight Loss (Adults)

1 gram

Thrice a day

Weight Loss (Children)

0.7 to 1 gram

Thrice a day

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