wireless mobile phone emergency battery charger

Price: US $ 0.8 - 1.6 / Set
Brand Name: air canada
Model Number: SS-5007
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 15,2012

Product Description: wireless mobile phone emergency battery charger

portable keychain Mobile phone emergency charger Specifications

 In an emergency.No need for mains power you could charge your mobile phone any time ,and talk with others when charging.Charging 100-180mins,The charger could transfer the resource from the single AA to mobile phone.Pocket size.Convenience.One AA Alkaline battery  could be used for charging the mobile phone .Safe use.Over voltage protection for the circuit and your mobile phone.

Technique Data:

Input Voltage: 1.5V ±5%            Output Voltage:5.7v+5%Output Current: 350mA-500MA ±5%;      Charging Time:Aprox. 1-3HoursProduct size:21×71mm Weight:30GTypical Efficiency:88%-93%Note: The charger effect is different based on the handset  model and the AA battery quality.

How it works

Unscrew bottom and insert a single AA battery into the charger.Make sure that the" +" and" - "on the battery are  aligned .Acccording to the polarity diagram on the battery holder.Connect your phone-specific connector to the charger.Connect your phone to the the connector and the charger will begin flashing.The LED light is on, and your phone indicator that it is charging.Now you can talk on or charge your phone wherever and whenever







Supplier Details:

Ninghai Xidian Susu Hardware & Electric Appliance Factory

Sales:Ms. Nancy Tan

Contact Phone:86-574-65178538

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