5 .0 MEGA Pixel Mini Voice Recording Camera

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Brand Name: KEDA
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Post Date: May 11,2012

Product Description: 5 .0 MEGA Pixel Mini Voice Recording Camera

Mini Voice Recording Camera 


Support 16 GB Micro sd card



I. Introduction
Original design products using the camera, breaking the conventional thinking to achieve ultra-small, ultra-high definition, super easy to use features. Is the world's first with high-definition digital camera, camera, sound recording function independent mini digital products. For business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health, life and other areas of practical tools.
Second, the operating instructions
1. Off: Press and operation of key power, light and camera state changes by: blue lighting, the camera into the system initialization process, initialization is complete, blue light is off, a long red light, enter the default video mode; long press operation key for 2 seconds, red and blue light also goes out, the camera will automatically save the current video file and shut down.

2. Switch mode: Short press Mode key to complete the mode switch, switch mode, the camera will automatically save the current video file and switch to the next one model, each time the mode button to switch an operation mode, camera mode switch will be -> photo -> Recording -> Video -> camera ... ... the way loop implementation.
3. Record video: When the camera is in recording standby mode, long bright red, short press the operation button to start recording, then the red light flash slowly; in the case of the red light flashes again, press operation buttons to stop recording, save the file, then restore long bright red; taken to ensure the file size and security, the system will automatically save every 50 minutes once a file and continue recording.

4. Take a picture: When the camera is in camera mode the standby mode, long bright blue light, the short time the operation of each key, blue light flashes once, shooting three photos and store and return to standby mode.

5. Independent Recording: When the camera is in recording standby mode, while a long bright red and blue dual-lamp, press operation buttons to start recording, then slow flashing blue light, red light still remain long; To save system power, After starting about 5S minute recording, the status light will go out automatically, when the camera is still in the recording state, for sure the state or a new camera operation, briefly press any button once to open instructions; in a long red light bright, blue light flashing, re-press action button to stop recording, save the file, then restore the same time a long bright red and blue dual-lamp.
6. PC Camera: In any mode turned on, connected to the computer USB port, you can enter the PC Camera (webcam) mode, in this mode, you can use the camera as a PC camera.
7. Removable Disk: In the off state or standby state, you can connect the computer at this time, the computer will eject the removable disk logo, image file directory is: * plate \ _REC \ 100MEDIA; when the camera and the computer exchange of data, blue LED will flash; need to uninstall the camera, please click on the task bar bottom right corner of the icon mobile device management, in which unloading the removable storage device, to be sure the system hardware can be safely pulled out, then disconnect the camera from the computer .

8. Charging: connect the computer USB port or charger can recharge the camera, when the battery is charging, the red light will flash slowly when the battery is fully charged, the red light into a long bright;

9. Set the time: the camera provides a video file is displayed in the function of recording time, you may need to set the time according to the actual value and the time display or not; time display format: "year. Month. Day: minutes: seconds", set the time as follows:
a. turn off the camera - "connected to the computer -" Removable Disk to open the camera - "the root directory of the space provided in the camera right click -" pop-up menu, move the mouse over the "New" option at the top - " Select "Text Document" - "to the text document named" time ", to note that the extension". txt "-" time to set file completion; you can follow these steps on your desktop, the other disk partition, and then the other completed copy folder to a removable disk root directory.
b. Open the "time" text document, enter the time in which to set the string, the string from the "year, month, day, hour Show / Hide switch" of several parts, to set time, set the following format:
 With time shows: 2009.01.01 12.01.01 Y
 Does not display the time: 2009.01.01 12.01.01 N
The format string is part of the time you want to set the time value, attention to minutes and seconds in the years at the space and time, the bottom, "Y" and "N" is the time to show a sign of character, "Y", said "Yes"; "" said "No".
c. confirm the time setting file has been copied to the root directory, uninstall the hardware, boot time is set.
d. set a good time will be saved to the camera inside.

10. Exception handling:
    Insufficient storage space camera will blink blue and red light at the same time about 5 seconds, automatically save the current image file and shut down. If you want to continue to use the camera in the desired image file on the computer back up and delete the memory of the old files to free up enough storage space;
   Camera battery is low margin, will turn blue light and red light flashes about 5 seconds, automatically save the current image file and shut down. If you want to continue using the camera, charge the battery;
    Improper operation of the camera due to accidental or other special reason to stop responding, you can press the mode button and the operation keys, reset.



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