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TJNB6185T4 -- variable frequency inverter/ frequency drive/VFD/ VVVF/ VSD

Price: US $ 100 - 10,000 / Unit
Brand Name: WIRUN
Model Number: TJNB6185T4
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 10,2012

Product Description: TJNB6185T4 -- variable frequency inverter/ frequency drive/VFD/ VVVF/ VSD

Product Description  


1. Advanced vector control algorithm, combine accurate speed calculation and self learning of the motor parameter. It realize the accuracy control of motor speed and torque under no- speed sensor mode. V/F and SVC can be selectled.

2. Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation technology, has over-modulation function, high voltage-utilization, low output harmonic, and it greatly improves the motor's stability and switching loss.

3. Good operation characteristic of low frequency, can realize 0.5Hz/150% rated torque output which under no-speed sensor mode.

4. LCD and LED double display keyboard, display digit and Chinese, the user can operate easily.

5. Abundant functions: Automatic voltage regulation control, automatic slip Compensation, Restart when power cut and so on. Can meet the demand of different clients.

6. Customization function design: Program running, wobble frequency running, PID control operation, timing function, counter function Sect. Can be convenient to form and meet the different industrial field demands;

7. Built-in RS485 interface, compat MODEBUS communication protocol, can realize networked control.

8. Super strong protect function: Over voltage, over current, over load, under voltage, over heat, short circuit and so on, can offer more than 20 kinds failure protection function for user.


1 Input: 3 phases 380V ± 20%, voltage unbalance rate: <3%. Frequency: 50/60Hz± 5%
2 Output:

(1)Adaptive motor capacity: 1.5kw.

(2)Rated output current: 3.2A.
(3)Rated voltage: 3 phases 380V, 50/60Hz

(4) frequency modulation scope 0~600Hz
(5)Setting of resolution: Analog setting: 0.4% of the highest frequency setting. Digital setting: 0.01Hz(100Hz below), 0.1Hz(100Hz above).
3 Over-current tolerance: 150% of the rated current in 1 minute




Technical indicators



Rated voltage and frequency

Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V, three-phase 380V; 50/60HZ

Variable allowable value

Voltage: -20%~+20% Voltage unbalance: < 3% frequency: 50+/-5%HZ


Rated voltage


Frequency range


The main control function

Modulation mode

Optimization space voltage vector PWM

Control mode

Standard V/F control, Vector V/F control, Separated type V/F, controlvector control without PG card

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: max frequency X + 0.01%; Analog setting: max frequency X + 0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01 Hz; Analog setting: max frequency X 0.1% 

Start frequency


Torque rise

Automatic torque rise; manual torque rise: 1%~ 30.0% (V/F control mode is effective only)


Linear V/F curve, Square V/F curve, Customized V/F curve

Acceleration/deceleration time


DC braking

Start, stop, when the action time respectively optional can be set


Jogging frequency range: 0.1Hz ~ max frequency; , jogging acceleration and deceleration time: 0.13600s.

Built-in PID

It is convenient for forming closed loop control system, applicable for course control like pressure and flow, etc.

Multi-speed operating

Realize sixteen-speed running by built-in PLC or control terminal.

Weaving wobble frequency

  Can get wobble frequency of fixed and variable amplitude 

Auto voltage adjustment

When main voltage changes, the output voltage may be kept constant by adjusting PWM output (AVR function).

Auto current limiting

Limit in-service current automatically, so as to avoid tripping for fault caused by frequent over current.


Torsion characteristic

150% output of torque at 0.5Hz

Motor parameters automatic read

Reading the parameters from motor when completely stop in order to achieve optimal controlling effect. (static and dynamic optional)


 Technical Data (Design for general type)



Wiring Connecting Diagram





Supplier Details:

Tianjin R-Switch Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Dean Li

Contact Phone:86-22-27838143

Main Products:Diodes

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent


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