Multi-tube agitation apparatus photochemical reaction apparatus

Price: US $1 - 128,000 / Set
Brand Name: BILON
Model Number: BL-GHX-V
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 03,2011

Product Description: Multi-tube agitation apparatus photochemical reaction apparatus

Description photochemical reaction apparatusBL-GHX series of photochemical reaction apparatus is a professor of international authority over the technical support under the R & D success, mainly used to study the gas or liquid media, fixed or mobile systems, ultraviolet or visible light simulation, and the reaction vessel is loaded TiO2 photocatalyst photochemical reaction under such conditions. Analysis has provided samples of free radical reaction products and measured kinetic constants, quantum yield determination of features such as wider use of chemical synthesis, environmental and life sciences research.Photochemical reaction apparatus / multi-photochemical reactor / photochemical reaction apparatus / multi-function instrument photochemical reaction photochemical reactor / mercury xenon lamp reactor / Multifunction photochemical reaction apparatus / multi-photochemical reactor / multi-function synthesis reactor / photocatalytic Reactor / UV line photochemical reaction apparatus / photochemical reaction apparatus features / technical program of photochemical reaction apparatusBL-GHX photochemical reaction apparatus is a multifunction factory reference to foreign imports on the basis of photochemical reaction apparatus, according to most customer needs, combined with the well-known laboratory practice, to develop a new generation of photochemical reactor. Cikuan BL-GHX-type multi-functional apparatus for use in research photochemical reaction of gas, liquid solid phase, the mobile system in a simulated ultraviolet, visible light, special analog illumination, whether loaded TiO2 photocatalyst photochemical reaction under such conditions. Meanwhile our company also can provide customers Tigong fibrous, arranged like substance reaction container and other special material, to address different substances in conventional reaction vessel placed within the reaction. BL-GHX-utility photochemical reaction apparatus suitable for chemical synthesis, environmental and life sciences research, this system has a reasonable, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, to protect the human body, free combination, the unique flexibility to customize Advantage!All the equipment is configured as follows(Some components are optional): (1) BL-GHX-based black-box set of subjects; (2) high-pressure mercury electric control system, control high-pressure mercury lamp power: 100W 300W 500W 1000W of power. (3) high pressure mercury lamp 100W 300W 500W 1000W each one (4) long-arc xenon lamp (simulated sun) electrical control system, control xenon lamp power: 300W 500W 1000W of power. (5) Metal Halide Lamp 250W 400W each one and the corresponding ballast system. (6) were all quartz reaction tubes can be used 30ml quartz tube 8 , 50ml quartz tube 8. (7) 30ml solid sealing plug 8. 50ml solid sealing plug 8. (8) in vitro independent set of inflatable device can be controlled separately inflatable of the size. (9) double-wide double-glazed quartz cold trap (an extension of the cooling water at the bottom of the cooling cycle) 2. (10) factory production of BL-GHX-V-type eight-field-type photochemical reaction apparatus a special mixer. (11) photolysis instrument supply pump a constant temperature reaction (the lowest limit of temperature -25 degrees). And the corresponding pipe and metal pipe fittings and other fixed number. (12) water pipes, stainless steel valves, glass, number of valves. (13) Stainless steel can be a mobile cart.

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