3 in 1 fat reduction and ultrasonic facial beauty equipment

Price: US $ 20 - 50 / Set
Brand Name: BEST
Model Number: T-16H
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 10,2012

Product Description: 3 in 1 fat reduction and ultrasonic facial beauty equipment

3 in 1 fat reduction and ultrasonic facial beauty equipment:



Model: T-16H

Input power: AC100~240V

Output power: DC15V 800mA

Size: 190*80*60mm

Net weight: 240g

Wave Frequency: 1MHz


Accessories: Power cable, Connector for the Wave Energy Gloves, Wave Energy Gloves.



Shape body line, Restore the Resilience of Skin, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation.


Quick User Guide:

The 3-in-1 Slimming & Beautifying Device brings you an even better effect! It enable you to shape a charming body line and to restore the resilience of your skin within a short period of time.


Instructions on Shaping Body Line:

Step 1.

Cleansing and dry your skin before application.

Step 2.

Place the Wave Energy Glove on your skin. Gently move them back and forth on your body to stimulate the muscles by the wave energy (details please refer to later instructions). Take off the gloves before starting the next procedure.

Step 3

Spread the body shaping product evenly on your skin (apply the product separately in each section to prevent it being air-dried and result in an impaired absorbing effect.

Step 4

Massage your skin with high frequency wave energy and charcoal far infrared (details please refer to instructions). This step encourages the absorption of body shaping product while stimulates the skin’s circulation and metabolism, make your skin even tighter!


The high frequency wave energy and charcoal far infrared will cause a warm feeling to your skin. This is the normal phenomenon, please use with ease. (The machine will lower the temperature automatically when it reaches to 50°C±5°C)


For detailed operation of this machine, please refer illustrations.

Safety Precautions:

Warning: Please read the following information carefully before using your machine

This product is a well-designed precision instrument. In order to have your slimming & beauty Device functioning perfectly, please read the below information thoroughly and follow all the instructions. This will help you to ensure the warranty validity and to extend the life circle to your products.

    Store your product away from the humidity and do not use it under water. Otherwise the electronic components of your product may be corroded or have short circuit.Do not store this product anywhere close to the heat sources as it can cause malfunction such as shortened product life circle, twisted or melted plastic components.Do not drop the product or subject it to vibration as it can cause malfunction.Never attempt to disassemble the product yourself. All the product components can only be maintained and repaired by professional technicians.Do not use any adaptor other than the one included in the package. Using incompatible adaptor may result in malfunction and will void the warranty validity.Do not tug the cable when you unplug the power. In order to avoid any bad contact of equipment, the best way is to hold the plug and unplug it from the socket.Put all the wires together tidily. Do not wind the wires, break the wire surface or cause any other damages.Any people with the following conditions must avoid using this product: patients with malignant tumor, women during her pregnancy or period, patients with dermatosis or foci of hemorrhage, urgent patient with unidentified disease, and children and elders.Keep this product away from the children, Children shall not play with this product as the disassemble components may be swallowed by the children accidently.



Important Notice:

    You may press the function key to switch the skin care mode. There is no need to turn off the powerNo matter which function you’re using, you may press “ POWER OFF” button to turn off the power directly. To ensure that this machine functions well, you can drop a tiny amount of water bobs, it means that this machine is under the normal function ( modes for Wave Energy Gloves and Far Infrared Function are excluded) .This machine should be used under normal conditions, remember to turn off the power and unplug the cable immediately after use. This will avoid over-heating problem caused by the air vibration and to prevent any possible burning or shortened product life circle.The ideal time of using this product is 5 to 15 minutes each session.This machine has a built-in safety device. When the temperature is too high (over 50 degrees) in standby mode, whether in use or not, it’ll automatically lower the temperature to ensure your safety.This machine has a built-in time-control device, when your machine is in standby mode, whether in use or not, the machine will automatically turn off the power. If you wish to use it again, please restart the machine.Do not use the machine more than 30 minutes.Do not use the machine without putting any skin care product on your skin.

10.  Avoid using this machine in one area for too long. Move it around on your skin to avoid focusing effect caused by the high speed green wave energy. This effect may result in discomfort or burning of your skin.

11.  When you’re using this machine, always adhering the metal detector completely to your skin. An incomplete contact will cause a big difference of impedance and disperse energy on the interface. This will also cause an over-heating problem and result in a discomfort or burning of your skin.

12.  When you finish using the machine, wipe off the medium left on the metal detector. A soft cloth is recommended to prevent any possible scratch.

13.  Do not use water and any other chemical, cleanser or wash-up liquid to clean this product./ This will cause a malfunction or shortened product life circle.

14.  In case of having any question on the product manipulation or feeling discomfortable after using this product, please stop using immediately and contact your local retailed/distributor.

15.  In case of having any malfunction of this machine, please return this product to the local retailer/distributor. They will assistant you to solve all the problems.



Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Best Beauty Equipment Limited

Sales:Ms. Sally Li

Contact Phone:86-20-28928015, 28928017

Main Products:Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer


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