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ac motor drive,vfd,vsd, close loop vector control frequency inverter(Powtran)_PI8000

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Brand Name: Powtran
Model Number: PI8000
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 10,2012

Product Description: ac motor drive,vfd,vsd, close loop vector control frequency inverter(Powtran)_PI8000

Detailed Product Description

 Brief IntroductionNew PI8000 Family inverter supplies the more comprehensive motor control solution to you. It employs the advanced technology of PWM control and vector control, high performance power module and DSP control. It is with internal current loop to realize high precision of close loop control and reach the stability and precision of current and frequency. Completely new manufacture technique and test equipment ensures the better stability and reliability of the product. Standard specification




Voltage and


Single-phase 200~240V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 200~240V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 380~415V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 440~460V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 575V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 660V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 690V, 50/60Hz

Allowable Fluctuation range

voltage: ±15%   frequency: ±5%


Control system

high performance vector control inverter based on 32 bit DSP

Output frequency

G/F/Z/S/T/M type: 0.00~800.0Hz, maxmum frequency can be set between 10.00 and 800.0Hz

H type: 0.00~2000.0Hz, maxmum frequency can be set between 10.00  and 2000.0Hz

control method


Sensorless vector control

Sensor close loop vector control

Start torque

0.50Hz 180%

0.25Hz 180%

0.00Hz 180%

speed adjustable range

1: 100

1: 200

1: 2000

Speed stabilizing precision




waveform produce methods

Asynchronous space vector PWM, N-class sub-synchronous space vector PWM, two-phase optimization of space vector PWM.

Auto torque boost function

Achieve low frequency (1Hz) and high output torque control under V.F control mode.

Accelerate /decelerate control

Sub-set S curve acceleration and deceleration mode, maximum acceleration and deceleration time is 3200 days

Long running time control

16 segments speed run, maximum running time is 3200 days

frequency setting accuracy

Digit: 0.01Hz(below 300Hz), 0.1Hz(above 300Hz);

alalogue:  1% of maxmum frequency

frequency accuracy

Speed control tolerance 0.01%(25°C±10°C).

V/F curve mode

Linear, 1.2 times the power, 1.7 times the power, 2 times power, user-set 8 V / F Curve.

Over load capability

G / S type: 150% rated current -1 minute, rated current 200% -0.1 second;

F: rated current 120% -1 minute 150% of rated current  -0.1 second;

Z / M / T type: rated current 180% -1 minute 250% rated current  -0.1 second;

H: rated current 250% -1 minute 300% rated current -0.1 second.

slip compensation

V / F control can automatically compensate for deterioration.



Environment temperature

-10°C ~ 40°C, 40 ~ 50°C derating between the use is increased by 1 °C, rated output current decrease of 1%.

Store temperature


Environment humidity

5~ 95 %, No condensation


0 ~ 2000 meters, 1000 meters above derating use, increased by 100 m, rated input decreased%

Application location

Mounted vertically inside the control cabinet with good ventilation, do not allow the level ,  or other installation method . The cooling medium is air. Installed in the absence of direct sunlight, N dust, N corrosive and explosive gas, N oil mist, N steam, N drip environment

Cooling method

Forced air cooling and natural air cooling.

 Applications:mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, municipal, metal processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, Injection machine, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tool, air-compressor, fan and pump, blower, air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system and other industries and fields. 

Supplier Details:

Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Leed Li

Contact Phone:0086-755-29630738

Main Products:inverter,servo syste


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