Networked lock

Price: US $88 / Piece
Brand Name: XEEDER
Model Number: L5206-TCP5
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 16,2011

Product Description: Networked lock

Features:*TCP/IP networked electronic lock is designed for deluxe hotels and office buildings by xeeder, which is able to be built up to network hotel lock and large networked office lock easily.*Adopt external 12V and internal battery Power supply.Lock can automatically switch the way of power supply, no matter it work in which supply model, the power consumption is extremely low, the system is stable and environmental.*When the city power (external 12 V) is cut down, lock will switch to internal battery to get power, and there is no influence to unlock.Also with Low Battery Voltage alarm (beep and red light).*In the circumstances of network short circuit, open circuit, there is no influence to unlock.*Clock inside the lock, can control effective time of unlocking.*Valid schedule in lock, it’s convenient make workforce Management*Can Collect unlocking records and the type of invalid card in lock through network and computer.*Computer is able to monitor the locking and unlocking status of locks, if a room is in the unlocking status for long time, computer will send the warning signal to ask handling. Also by computer can monitor lock’s dynamic information, room status, collect data, read and write.*In emergency case, can control all locks in unlocking or locking status through computer.*Achieve one card issued for multi-room and one room issued multi-card (MAX 15000 cards is valid at a same time ) . *System adopt TCP/IP Network Bus Architecture, directly LAN and Internet, no need to through RS485-TCP/IP converter.*Key card can use Mifare-1 S50, S70 high frequency card, or select ISO14443 TYPE B CPU card, support One Card solution. *5,000 users + 10,000 events per lock,flash save events. Information of computer exchange with lock:After unlocking, lock upload all the status in the process of unlocking to computer. Computer real time monitor lock status, send control command through network, received commands, lock do corresponding action. Computer records all of the events so that can inquiry.Computer can send following commands to appointed lock.Set and delete unlocking permissions for certain card type: Inform the lock that allow or disallow to unlock in a certain period.  Central control unlocking: Computer directly send the command, make the lock in the status of allowing to unlock; If read card at this moment, after opened lock will automatically close, or recover to the status of disallowing to open after computer send the locking command.  Computer can control all or a part of (entire building, entire floor, a room ) locks in the status of locking or unlocking status Set and read the clock inside of lock: computer can send command to adjust the lock.Read lock status: computer can read the lock status at any time.Read lock records: read the unlocking records saved in lock, including card No., time.Can connect with the Fire Alarm System, the Anti-theft alarm system. When a fire occurs, then open doors in the relevant regional channel; received the anti-theft alarm signal, close doors relevant regional channel

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