gps /gsm car alarm system

Price: US $80 - 81 / Piece
Brand Name: JXT
Model Number: GPS-B2
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 16,2011

Product Description: gps /gsm car alarm system

GPS  car  tracker  Key Function: 1,GPS Postinon feedback with coordinates and google map link. The feedback is including coordinates, speed and a web link. User could get the position on Google map with the coordinates. Or he could use the link with cell phone to see the map. For more information, please refer to locate with Google. 2,Auto position by interval time or distance.the device could send the position information automatically. User could set the interval as time or distance. 3.Sound monitor in the carWhen user wants to listening in the vehicle, he could use master number to dial the device number. Second way is to use the command. Any phone numbers is available and after the device get the command, it will call to this number directly. 4.Stop carThe stop car command can help user to stop or disable the engine. When he doesn’t want anyone to drive the car, or when he wants to stop the running car, he can use this command. The device will cut off the gas to stop the engine. 5.Auto arm the systemThe device will be armed after 3 minutes when ACC was off. User could set this time. N=minutes. In armed status, the towing alarm, auto central lock, and side door wire trigger will be enabled. User could check the status with command *status# 6.Door open alarmIn armed status, if some open the door without turn on ACC. The device will send out alarm. The default time is 120 seconds. This command is to set the door trigger. 7.Work competible with the existing alarmSome user need the tracker device work with existing car alarm, user could connect the blue wire( side door trigger) with the existing car alarm siren positive and send this command to redefine it. Then, when the existing car alarm siren beeping, the device will get the signal and send our alarm to user or server center. 8.Overspeed alarmSometime user need set a limitation to keep driver safety, For example young man who I s driving dad`s car. 9.Towing alarmIn armed status, when the vehicle has been towed, the device will send alarm to users 10.Parking overtime alarmUser could set device to remind him how long time the car parked in one place. The number is the time from ACC off to sending alarm. This function needs hardware support. If user doesn’t connect the relay, he need connect the W6 white to ACC. 11.Main power off alarmThere`s internal battery in main unit. When someone cut off the power, the battery supply the power and device will send alarm report to user`s cell phone. 12.Low power alarmThe device could check the vehicle battery. When the battery voltage is too low, the device will send alarm to user or server centre 13.SOS alarmThere`s panic button for driver to call for help when he met the something emergency. When the driver presses this button for two seconds, the device will send an alert message. 14.Geo-fen alarmUser could set a circle as the current position center 15.Tired dirver alarmIn order to the security needs of the driver, it can configured driver time. If the driver did not rest over timeIt will send the alarm to monitoring center . For further information,Please contact  with us .

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