GPS Car alarm & tracking system TT-G110

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Product Description: GPS Car alarm & tracking system TT-G110

GPS Car alarm & tracking system TT-G110 Breif Introduction This GPS Car Alarm & Tracking System is not only an advanced car security product but also a precise GPS tracking system. It is a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS), Short Message System (SMS), and Radio Frequency Identification Solution (RFID). It provides a very safe solution for protecting the vehicle.This system is specially designed for protecting & tracking individual vehicle by mobile via SMS. It has most function of normal car alarm system, it can also call the user’s telephone and send the car’s location to user’s mobile in case of alert. User could supervise, control and locate the car by telephone without the third party, it means that the system can work separately without the support of the center.On the other hand, if the management center is set up, many useful & interesting functions can be realized, such as monitoring many vehicles together by map, converting the GPS coordinate into the real address automatically. If user has MAPINFO map with detailed landmarks, the software can translate the car’s location automatically into the real physical address (such as city name, street name, building, etc.), then send this real physical address to user’s mobile by SMS. Attention: (1)    Please keep the device away from the water, humidity or high temperature.(2)    Please prepare a valid GSM SIM card in advance. The SIM card can not be set with and PIN code. Warning:It is strongly suggested that the installation is done by the qualified professional car electrican. Functions & Usage (1)    Automatically send alert SMS to your mobile in case of theft.(2)    monitor the voice arount the car via telephone(3)    Cut off the car power/fuel supply by SMS command, so as to stop the car.(4)    Anti-robbery switch, send out alert SMS for help in case of hijack(5)    Lock/unlock the car door by the transmitter or by phone(6)    Central lock automation.(7)    Mute-arming function. When the car is mute-armed, once the alarm is triggered, the siren will not sound, the car light will not flash, the system will send alert SMS to user’s mobile secretly.(8)    Check the car door’s status, engine’s status, car’s location, speed & direction via SMS.(9)    Two kinds of location information, user could locate the precise location by GPS. At those place where there is no GPS signal, user could also locate the car by GSM network;(10) Track the car by SMS & Google map, or by center software (The center software is optional).(11) Geo-Fence function. If the car oversteps the fence of the preset zone, the system will send out alert SMS.(12) Over-speed alert function, if the car is running over the speed limitation, the system will send out alert SMS. (Optional function of the management software).(13) Anti-tamper design with back up battery, stable and reliable.(14) The system could work separately without the center support. User can operate the system easily just by mobile SMS.(15) If the center is setup, you can monitor & control many vehicles at the same time in the center. By the help of the center software & MAPINFO map, the GPS location can be translated into the real physical address (city name, street name, building, etc.) automatically. (Optional) Specifications GSM frequencies: 900 MHZ/1800 MHZ (or 850MHZ/900MHZ/1800MHZ/1900MHZ)Working Voltage: +10~14 VDCPower Consumption: Idle Current : <=50mA, Working current :< =300mA;Maximum sending power: 1 W;RF receiving sensitivity: -102dBm;Working temperature: -20~80 Centigrade;Humidity: 0 ~ 95%;The time from alarm’s triggering to receiving :< = 10seconds;Dimension of main unit: 135.0*82.0*36.0mm;Net Weight: 0.8kg FAQs & Troubleshooting FAQTroubleshootingThe connection is failed when callthe alarm’s SIM card number.(1)    Check that if the SIM card is valid;(2)    The SIM card is placed correctly in the slot;(3)    The connection of the GSM antenna is OK;The mobile can not receivethe alarm informations. The otherfunctions are OK.(1)    The SIM card inside the system has not credit;(2)    The SMS instruction is not in correct format;(3)    The mailbox of the user’s mobile is full;The transmitter doesn’t work or theDistance is not long enough.(1)    Check the contact of the battery;(2)    Replace a new battery;No GPS signal(1)    Please place the GPS antenna in the outdoor;(2)    Please check the connection of the GPS antenna;False alarm(1)    Door is not closed tightly;(2)    The door triggering switch is damaged;(3)    The button on the transmitter is pressed casually;There is no response while operatingwhile operating transmitter.(1)    The system is triggered by robbery alarm;(2)    The car has been stopped by SMS instruction; Packing list Component nameQuantities (pcs)Main Unit1Transmitters2GPS antenna1GSM antenna1Emergency SOS Switch1Shock sensor1Cut-off relay1Siren1Wiring1

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