CNC Steel wire rolling pipe bending machine (Manufacturer)

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Model Number: XD-CNC35
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Post Date: May 08,2012

Product Description: CNC Steel wire rolling pipe bending machine (Manufacturer)

CNC Steel wire rolling pipe bending machine

The operator software is advanced, yet very easy to use, enabling machine setters to start producing springs in the shortest amount of time. Spring programs can be saved to the computer internal memory. Computer interface displayed in Chinese and English makes the operation easy. Make sample by hand wheel.


    Three-axis computerized spring machine consisting of cam axis, wire feeding axis, rotation core and rolling axis. The mechanical part has eight sets of group slide rails, the crank and the cam rotation axis. The crank and cam rotation have three mechanical action types: extruding, punching and molding.The computerized cam rotation system can be set from 0.1~359.9". The wire feeding system is installed horizontally back of the machine. Every two wire feeding wheels is one group, there are three groups.Equipped with the computer-controlled system imported from Taiwan and motor imported from Japan. The computer system can save 1000 material numbers. Axis location, feeding data, production speed and production output are displayed on the screen. The program data can be set and changed easily.

Technique Parameter  ModelXD-CNC35wire diameter1.8-3.5mmMax.O.D.70mmMax Production Speed<=100Feed LengthUnlimitedFeed Speed0-70rpmFeed (Y)Axis(kw)5.5kw Cam (Y)Axis (kw)5.5kwQuin Axis(kw)1kwMachine Dimensions1800*1400*800mmWooden Case Dimensions2000*1600*1200mmMachine Weights1300kgGross Weighs1400kgsPower220V 3P 50/61Hz



Operating mechanism maintenance

1.Turn off the power.

2. In the use cotton fabric cleaning organization and the radio station the thing, and spreads guards against rust the thin oil.
3. Slide precision slide object, do not use high-viscous oil, using only the slide oil lubrication, so as not to affect the linear movement of the slide.  

4. Every six months separately to organization on 1-4 Yellow glib increase bearing grease.
5. Note: Do not use the air spray gun cleaning song hand and slide, in order to avoid the debris, dust and slide chute or the clearance of the rotary structure.

Gear-driven lubrication system

Gears lubrication of the system is divided into x and y axes, and the oil tank is just touching the tooth surface. Oil is not much more, so as to avoid motor oil and fuel tank for 6 months to check 1 times
Every six months, the replacement cycle oil maintenance, and implemented in accordance with the following steps:
Note: The new machine using the full 1000 hours, please be sure to update the new cycle oil.

Wire feeding system

To maintain the cleanliness of feeding servo motor to prevent oil and gas, and dust fall into the servo motor or encoder, resulting in mechanical damage.
At least every six months for maintenance or in accordance with the number of machine production, and replace the line feed operation at the same time.
Implementation of machine maintenance jobs, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the power is turned off.
2. Wipe the parts with cotton cloth, wire feed wheel, sending Line Block, delivers the spindle and other metal surfaces, removal of the mechanical surface debris, oil, grease, dust, and coated with a of antirust thin oil to prevent mechanical corrosion.
With the cotton swab to remove the old grease and oil stains on the wire feed drive gear.

3. The transmission tooth gear train gear contact face spreads the gear special-purpose oil lubrication.(Uses OMEGA73 or same level lubricating oil)
Attention: Please do not use the air spray gun to be clean, in order to avoid the detritus, the dust fall the slide rails sliding way or in the rotation structure gap

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