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Reflective flex banner advertising grade for outdoor solvent digital printing material

Price: US $4 - 8
Brand Name: Nuclearsigns
Model Number: NL-RB-520
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 15,2011

Product Description: Reflective flex banner advertising grade for outdoor solvent digital printing material

1. Has a high reflectivity index (≥300cpl)as such advertisement billboards andsignages under dark conditions can be illuminated via a single light source.Another unique feature of ccgr is that ambient light from city lightingscauses a flashing effect on the signages and billboardsattracting attention frompasser-by.2. Special crystal glow properties ccgr combined many proven optical theories to create a glow effect that cannot be achieved by normal reflectivematerials. This special effect enhances the vibrancy of the advertisement andsignage. 3. Even transparency the translucence property (25-35 of light topass through) and even distribution of light allow the materials to be used for bothoutdoor and indoor applications.4. Color fastness uv8 color fastness grade and less than 10 yearly fading rated.This is especially important for light box application. 5. Good ink adsorption surface property this feature directly determines the color richness, color fastness and fading resistance property of thefinished advertisements or signages. Ccgr has a good ink adsorption and quickdry property hence enabling bright and realistic color effect on the printed subject.6. UV protection the outer protective layer of ccgr material protects the damagingeffects of uv rays. This protects the materials and prevents fading of colors.7. Water proofing ccgr as a whole is graded a class.8. Weatherproof cold weather and direct sun heat resistant. In general application,ccgr is rated to last for 36 months under outdoor conditions. 9. Flexibility ccgr materials can be bent and stretched preventing damages such astearing and deformation when subjected to such abuses. 10. Tiling and joining flexibility for large format advertising billboards and signages,ccgr supports various forms of joining methods that support large formatapplications. 11. Ease of installation can be mounted via adhesive or physically mounted via stretchand secure method. 12. Dust and grime repellant ccgr specially treated surface enables the surface tobe resistant to dust and grime requiring less frequency of cleaning as well asmaintaining the fresh-look longer. 13. Biosafe surface is treated to prevent growth of fungus and bacteria. 14. Fire retardant flame retardant and self-extinguishing propertyCommon packing or hard tubeUser instructions are as follows:Printing1. can be printed on directly by digital printing machine, solvent printer. 2. please use Solvent PVC ink3. please dont use indoor printing machine and waterborne ink to do printing work.4. can achieve reflection effect after common solvent PVC ink printing, if you adopt fine ink to do a printing, it can enhance the effect of reflection.5. please adjust the height of jet head according to different thickness of crystal color grade material (0.44-0.60mm).6. if you will use the printing machine with heater equipped, please set lower heat temperature and quantity of ink to avoid air bubble happening, although air bubble doesnt affect reflection and picture appearance.Silk screen printing1. suitable for silk screen printing2. using PVC transparent inkSpecification:1). Reflective banner with fabric: 300D*500D, width: 0.914/1.02/1.35/1.52/1.8/2.25/2.7/3.05/3.1M , Length:50M/Roll 2) Reflective banner with adhesive: Width: 0.914/1.02/1.35/1.52M, Length:50M/Roll.

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Hangzhou Nuclear Coating Fabric Co., Ltd.

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