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interior wall decorative panel MDF/ construction wall panels E0 E1

Price: RMB 2,000 - 3,000 / Cubic Me
Brand Name: Green Eco wheat board
Model Number: 1220mmX2440mmX5mm-25mm
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 01,2012

Product Description: interior wall decorative panel MDF/ construction wall panels E0 E1

 Raw material:agricultural residues, such as cotton stalks,straw,wheat crops. 

Wanhua Ecobard reduces forest clear-cutting, air pollution and landfill use. The sorghum stalks used in the manufacture of Wanhua board are a rapidly renewable resource left after the edible portion of the plant is harvested.



Due to the no formaldehyde added resin (NAF) being used, ECO-Board panels have emissions far below the strict E0 European low formaldehyde (LF) and the USA (HUD 24) CARB standards. ECO-Boards are suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as


children's furniturehospitalspublic buildingslaboratoriesnursing homes

or any domestic application with concern for the living environment and sustainable lifestyle like

The Beijing Olympic Gymnasium were Eco-boards were used.


Standard board: 3mm - 8 mm  density 650 - 850 kg/m3

Soft board: 35 mm- 43 mm    density 350 -530 kg/m3

Standard size panels are 2.44m x 1.22m ( 8 inch x 4 inch )



General characteristics

Moisture Resistance: Unlike traditional woodbased boards ECO-Boards are extremely moisture resistant and are specified for use in the most strenuous humid domestic interior conditions where dimensional stability and retained strength are of great importance such as Kitchen & Bathroom furniture, skirting boards, mouldings, wall cladding, flooring, etc..


Fire Resistantance: ECOBoards are standard >20min fire resistant - non rated , since they scorch rather tan burn, in addition ECOBoards has a full range of fire rated panels and door cores to fit most applications.


High Strength, Lighter Weight: The High strength to lighter weight ratio of the ECOBoard panels further eases panel handling (manufacturing plant, contruction site).


Screw Tightness: The tenacious screw holding ability adds flexibility to the choice of fitment hardware that can be used (hinges, brackets, screw types).


Machinable: ECOBoard Bio-Composite Panels are made in a Single Layer process giving homogenous consistency throughout its thickness, similar to MDF. The Single Homogeneous Layer and Its superior internal bond (cross tensile) allows smooth strong profiling and sharp machined edges. Less dust and released toxins allows a cleanier and healthier working environment. Tools show less ware and tare.

Finishing: When sanded to agrifibers create an excellent finish and readily accept Paper and Foil Laminates, Melamine, Formica and Natural Wood Veneers. Painting after priming gives excellent results.


Comparison of major performance indexes of ZEROE STRAW BOARD and traditional boards 

Index Name











Static bending strength





Internal bond strength






Nail-holding power of the vertical surface






Nail-holding power f the paralleling surface





Swelling rate of 2h





Releasing amount of free formaldehyde(desiccator) method






Fire retardant












Supplier Details:

Wanhua Ecoboard Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. peng jun

Contact Phone:86-10-80100406

Main Products:E0 straw board,E0 wheat board,CARB P2 PB&MDF,CARB NAF PB&MDF,straw based board,wheat based board


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