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High power lava stone quantum pendant (Hot sale)

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Brand Name: HB
Model Number: HB-QP
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 01,2012

Product Description: High power lava stone quantum pendant (Hot sale)

High power lava stone quantum pendant


This Quantum Pendant emits scalar energy including the essential K40 resonance that promotes positive flow of energy & helps to maintain energy balance.  You can get the same energy level 2500 negative ions by going to water falls or caves. 2500 negative ions can only emit scalar energy that can penetrate up to 2" deep in our body. where as 3500-4000 negative ions can go as far as 4" & energizes water & food faster. Scalar energy is a natural good energy & doesn't have any side effect. It potentially harmonize your body's life-force by absorbing heat energy and transforming it into bio-energy which helps your body's metabolic functions achieve holistic wellness.


Health Benefits

Reduces inflammation Promotes unclumping of cells Enhances circulation Enhances immune and endocrine systems Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification Enhances cellular permeability Increases energy Helps to protect DNA from damage Helps to retard the ageing process Helps to fight cancer cells Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing
electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health Increases focus and concentration

Comment reports:

More focused and calm Toothache gone Much more energy Stiff joints disappeared Sexual libido enhanced No more constipation No more tiredness at end of day Far less depression No more back pain Sound and deep sleep Migraines gone High blood pressure dropped Faster healing of fracture bones in cast. Stroke victims recover strength Arthritis pain disappeared Nerve pain gone Snoring dramatically reduced Serious joint pains gone Dramatic increase of strength in osteoporosis patient Vision improvement


Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Health Beauty Equipment Factory

Sales:Ms. Richy Qiu

Contact Phone:86-020-36190992

Main Products:Slimming Machine

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