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(provided by customers)
Please give us more information to design the most suitable conveyor for you.
1.Name:unit weight, overall dimension, bottom conditions
2.Outer-packing material and features:Nude pack, canned, carton, plastic, pallet material (steel, wood, plastic, etc.) work-pieces, etc.
3. Types of conveying material: ordinary materials, high-temperature materials, freezing materials, poisonous materials, corrosive materials, etc.
4. Working conditions: impact force, rude loading and unloading, smooth conveying, temperature, humidity, corrosive, etc.

**conveyor Layout planning
When planning the layout of a system, it is very important to enquire about the individual requirements, targets and priorities of a company. A very flexible system is often required for complex assembly procedures. This may be due to:
- very frequent conversion
- cycle problems due to different models
- differences in the work involved at each station
- frequent product alterations
- great fluctuation in number of work-pieces.


#Table belt conveyor Principles

*Table belt conveyor adopts combination designing of modularization, which has features such as prompt delivery, beautiful appearance, price value and easy to maintain.

*Table belt conveyor goods will be protected without the relative movement between goods and conveying belt, which is suitable for relatively quiet working environment for the occasion demands.

*Table belt conveyor can be used for completing various conveying and processing tasks with the function of un-intermittent and interval operating.

#Table belt conveyor :Worktable and work chairs will be installed on both sides of the belt production line, and the daylight lamps and exhaust system on top. On the daylight lamp frame there are craft hanging panels, tool platform or accessory case installed, and electricity and air supply driving piping along the line. The electrical outlet, rapidly air tie-in, electric tools and foot-thread outlet, etc are installed at the workers’ operation.




^^Belt conveyor

Belt Conveyors are devided by direction:
1.Turning belt conveyor
2.Horizontal belt conveyor
3.Slope belt conveyor
4.Bulk troughed-belt conveyor
5.Flexible belt conveyor
6.Working table belt conveyor
7.Spiral belt conveyor

^^Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors can be devided into below types
1.Turning roller conveyor
2.Slope roller conveyor
3.Flexible roller conveyor
4.Flexible skatewheel conveyor
5.Gravity roller conveyor
6.Powered roller conveyor
7.Accumulating Roller  conveyor
8.O belt roller conveyor

Roller conveyors can be devided by rollers' meaterial
1.PVC roller conveyor
2.stainless steel roller conveyor
3.carbon steel roller conveyor
4.Aluminum roller conveyor

^^Slat chain conveyor

Slat chain conveyors can be devided by direction
1.Horizontal flat chain conveyor
2.Curved flat conveyor
3.Slope slat chain conveyor
4.Vertical slat chain conveyor
5.Spiral slat chain conveyor

Slat chain conveyors can be devided by link's material
1.flat top chain conveyor
2.keel chain conveyor
3.flat-top conveyor

^^Plate Chain Conveyor
^^Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor
^^Plastic link belt conveyor
^^Stainless steel belt conveyor
^^SMT plug-in conveyor
^^Chain conveyor
^^Accumulation roller chain conveyor
^^Timing belt conveyor
^^Work-piece pallet
^^Lift conveyors elevator conveyor
^^Automatic palletizer
^^Automatic unstacker
^^Transverse conveyors
^^SMT peripheral equipments
^^Connection unit equipments
^^Wave soldering equipments
^^Reflow soldering equipments
^^Working tables

1.anodized aluminum alloy frame conveyors
2.carbon steel frame conveyors
3.stainless steel frame conveyors

$Process indicators testing, control solutions, peripheral function
Various indexes online inspection such as parts/goods be put in stock, simple cargo transport, online assembly, online inspection, cargo barcode and RFID automatic identification, sorting, diversion, online weighing, online testing, counting, supply chain print--mechanical properties test (torque, touch,shifting, shape, location, gap), electric performance testing, etc. All sorts of PLC, software system can access enterprise backend management system.



^^conveyor has a modular construction
1.conveyor system is constructed from standardized components which can be combined as desired to construct a system.
2.This permits the construction of numerous variants and provides made-to-measure systems, tailored to the particular assembly task.
3.Its modular construction permits cost-effective use of opportunities to rationalize during production. Sturdy construction ensures that components can also be used to assemble other products in the future.

^^conveyor material advantages
1.conveyor systems are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure continuous use.
2.They are resistant to lubricating and cleansing agents that are common in an industrial environment. 

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