Bosch Truck Alternator CA1089IR 0123505011 12V 120A

Price: US $30 - 98 / Piece
Brand Name: Huaheng
Model Number: CA1089IR, 0123505011
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 12,2011

Product Description: Bosch Truck Alternator CA1089IR 0123505011 12V 120A

 Bosch Truck Alternator CA1089IR 0123505011Good Quality, Competitive Price, Prompt Delivery, Professional ServiceLucas No.: CA1089IR, 0123505011Application:  Power: 12V/ 120ACharacteristic: 100% brand new, stable voltage, outstanding performanceCertificate:      ISO9001, TS16949Warranty: 1 year, 100% tested before shipmentPackaging:Neutral Packing / Color BoxDelivery time: within 30 - 60 days Also, we can offer you many other truck alternators, partial list as below for your reference  Ref No.Power AC172RA24V/140A A00129132CA0012800JB       12V/160A Truck Alternator8LH2070VA12V/130A 8SC3110VA      8SC3238VC24V/150A AC203RA24V/180AHeavy Duty Truck Alternator8LHA3096U24V/120A CA1666IR       0120455500424V/80A CA1553IR Valeo: A14V13512V/150A CA229IR  Paris Rohne: A14N15012V/70AAlternator of heavy-duty truck CA1693IR       01204655002 24V/100A CA1089IR       012350501112V/120A CA314IR  RENAULT: 770074817112V/75A CA890IR MARELLI: 6332120012V/65ABosch Truck Alternator CA1550IR12V/70A JA777  TOYOTA:  27030-5424112V/70A CA560IR LRA-51712V/70A HYUNDAI:  37300-4Z30012V/65ATruck Alternator of BoschJA982 TOYOTA: 27030-5615024V/25A CA1481IR      012351008212V/115A CA733IR      012331002012V/70A CA829IR      012048502312V/120ATruck Alternator CA1477IR      012350000112V/120A CA1269IR      012332000812V/90A CA1378IR      012432500312V/90A CA1592IR      012441500912V/100A CA1851IR      012455500824V/80A CA1699IR      012455500524V/70A CA1394IR      012451511712V/120A CA1853IR      012455500924V/80A CA1443IR      012451501712V/120A CA1481IR      012351008212V/115A CA733IR      012331002012V/70ABosch Truck Alternator CA829IR      012048502312V/120A CA1477IR      012350000112V/120A CA1269IR      012332000812V/90A CA1378IR      012432500312V/90A CA1592IR      012441500912V/100A CA1851IR      012455500824V/80A CA1699IR      012455500524V/70ATruck Alternator CA1394IR      012451511712V/120A CA1853IR      012455500924V/80A CA1443IR      012451501712V/120AHeavy Duty Truck AlternatorCA367IR      012048996612V/55A CA843IR      012333500112V/90A CA320IR      012046958212V/90A CA722IR      012048930324V/45AAlternator of heavy-duty truck CA226IR      098603601012V/55A CA368IR      012048973124V/35A CA1489IR      012332005112V/90A CA1062IR      012332504512V/90ABosch Truck Alternator CA1481IR      012462502012V/200A CA734IR      012033951312V/35A CA77IR      012033953112V/35A CA76IR      012033953112V/35ATruck Alternator of BoschIA0095 massey-Ferguson: 3637264R9112V/35A IA0067       098603606012V/35A 488316       012048831624V/55ATruck Alternator CA364IR       012048824112V/55A CA910IR       098603318012V/65A 484038       012048403812V/80AHeavy Duty Truck AlternatorCA911IR       012048936412V/65A 690170       912069017012V/55A CA595IR      012046958024V/55A CA1246IR      012332003912V/90AAlternator of heavy-duty truck  112302      012068953824V/140A CA1481IR      012461501512V/150A 

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