Mini Home Alarm system with Camera-GSM M4

Price: US $ 160 - 185 /
Brand Name: HK-SANFUL
Model Number: GSM M-4
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 24,2012

Product Description: Mini Home Alarm system with Camera-GSM M4

Mini-MMS alarm system is very available for villa,residence,shops,corporate finance, factory workshops,small and medium supermarkets, car alarm, hospital,schools, financial business,unmanned detected,etc those important places.  anti-theft alarm, surveillance camera, wireless transmission and MMS receiving


Main features
1. built-in 300 000 numbers of pixels of night vision digital camera, suitable for use at night.
2. support 2GB SD card storage, and facilitate to save the pictures in a long time.
3. support Image Motion Detection camera function
4. support infrared sensor camera function
5. support MMS,SMS,telephone,email,IP network,etc alarm.
6. support image size adjustable: QCIF(160×128), CIF(320×240), VGA(640×480)
7. Can setup auto arm and disarm time,conventient for users and alarm center to control alarm system time work.
8. Can setup timing report,timing report device info to inspection center.
9. Have wireless 16 zones,the information for each zone can be programmed independently,and arm,disarm and 24-hour arm separately.
10. can setup 5 alarming phone numbers,which can monitor after get the alarming.
11. can setup 1 alarming center telephone number:unit can alarm to 110 networking call center, maps display.
12. can setup 1 arm center telephone number:telephone dial-up tips will be prompted to arm center when users
13. can setup 1 disarm center telephone number:telephone dial-up tips will be prompted to arm ceter when users disarm.
14. can setup 1 network center telephone number: can send scene images alarm info to computer IP address when alarm.
15. can setup 1 SMS center telephone number:can send scene images alarm info to SMS center when alarm.
16. can setup 2 mail boxes:can send scene images alarm info by email when alarm.
17. support GSM/CDMA cell phone to receive the Chinese/English SMS alarm from the unit.receive alarm and arm/disarm during moving.
18. support GSM/CDMA cell phone to send SMS to the unit,then realize remote arm/disarm/camera
19. support CDMA cell phone to receive mobile MMS function,truly realize mobile Unicom.
20. after alarm,unit will immediately send scene colorful images to the presetted cell phone user,make him know the conditions as soon as possible.
21. when alarm,with scene auto monitor function,can hear the scene sound,such as people moving,dig,etc.
22. users can call the unit to do remote monitor.
23. users can send sms to the unit,actively take scene colorful images to send to users.
24. adopt GSM 900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz wireless network,outward alarm wont be limited by wired phone Network.
25. built-in li-battery, AC-DC dual-use, automatic charging
26. password operation make sure system security.
27. support real-time clock adjustment,images in the SD card have time memory,convenient for investigation.
28. support wireless remote control,realize arm/diarm,SOS,camera,convenient for actual use.
29. entire wireless system,installation easy.available for garage,stock,etc place without wired network.

Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Sanful Technologies Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Jon Chen

Contact Phone:86-755-26016100

Main Products:GPS/GSM car alarms,GPS/GPRS tracking systems,GPS/GSM/RF tracking devices,electric power GSM alarms,micro-power data RF modules,wireless relay gps tracker


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