Model:CP5512E, Laptop ExpressCard PROFIBUS Communication Card.Transport mode:Air.One year warranty.

Price: US $420 - 475 / Piece
Brand Name: FOURSTAR
Model Number: CP5512E
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Post Date: Jul 11,2011

Product Description: Model:CP5512E, Laptop ExpressCard PROFIBUS Communication Card.Transport mode:Air.One year warranty.

CP5512ELaptop ExpressCard PROFIBUS Communication CardIntroduction: Nowadays the laptops have eliminated the PCMCIA slot,but adopt the ExpressCard slot.So we especially develop the CP5512E for ExpressCard laptop.  The function of our CP5512E is the totally same as  original CP5512 except they use on different laptop interfaces.It's the isolated PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication card specially for laptop, use iCoupler Magnetic Coupling isolators to replace the optocoupler,with small  dimension, wide temperature range,and have anti-lightning and surging protective circuit and resumption of Overcurrent protection circuit on the RS485 interface, all use industrial IC in order to apply to wider temperature range, is used to achieve PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication connection between laptop and SIMATIC.CP5512E also can be used on PCI-E slot of desktop computer after the PCI-E to ExpressCard converter, the function is same as  CP5611,CP5621.CP5512E support hot plug and plug and play. Perfect isolation circuit and interface protective circuit make you at ease to use it.Communication service:  PROFIBUS-DP master station class 1 and 2 PROFIBUS-DP slave and SOFTNET-DP slaveMPI/PPI/FWL communicationS7 communication with SOFTNET-S7S5-compatible communication (SEND/RECEIVE based on the FDL interface) with SOFTNET-D or SOFTNET-S7CP5512E is suitable for the following version or above version softwares:                         STEP7  V5.2 SOFTNET-S7  V6.1 SOFTNET-DP, SOFTNET-DP slave from V6.1 STEP 7-Micro/WIN from V3.2 SP4 ProTool®, ProTool/Pro® V6.0 SP2 NCM PC from V5.2 SIMATIC PDM V5.2 SP1Technical Specification:                                                                           Transmission rate: 9.6Kbps~12Mbps,the corresponding largest communication distance accord with PROFIBUS standard.Interface:connect PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI,isolated 9 pin Sub-D connector.Isolated voltage:1000VDCInterface protection:have anti-lightning and surging protection(Ipp=100A 10/700us,4KV) on the RS485 interface.ITU-TK20/21,VDE 0433 standard. ±15KV ESD protection. Overcurrent protection with  restoration function:RS485 port can withstand up to 60V voltage caused by continuous over-current.Standard working voltage:3.3 VDCpower:1.0W  working temperature:-20~+75°C  size:adapter:length* width * height(mm):5*15*20,cable length:  25CMweight:0.25kgSupport hardware of CP5512E:It's different from PC Adapter and PC Adapter USB, CP5512E supports much more hardwares,such as   S7-200/300/400PLC, PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS interface of touch panel, EM277,ET200 and other hardwares with PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL interface.It need PROFIBUS cable or MPI cable(Siemens part nr 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0) when CP5512E communicates with fieldbus devices.  Signal definition of CP5512E profibus Interface(DB9F):                                    Pin No.Signal name DescriptionInput / Output 1NCUnused-2NCUnused-3B(RXD+/TXD+)RS485 Signal+Input/Output4RTS_ASHandshake signalInput5Ground(0V)Signal Ground-6+5V5V power 50mA.max.output7NCUnused-8A(RXD-/TXD-)RS485 Signal-Input/Output9RTS_PGRequestOutputShellPEShield-

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User Reviews: Model:CP5512E, Laptop ExpressCard PROFIBUS Communication Card.Transport mode:Air.One year warranty.