2BE1 single-stage water ring vacuum pump

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Model Number: 2BE1
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 21,2012

Product Description: 2BE1 single-stage water ring vacuum pump

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Aplication and features:

2BE1 series single-stage water ring vacuum pump is structured with single-stage and single-acting,which can be used for the suction of the gases which contain no rigid granules and are insoluble or slight soluble with the working solution.If the component of the vacuum pump is made of corrosion-resistant materials or coverd with corrosion-resistant coating,it can be used for the suction of the corrosive liquid can be adopted as its working solution.


Operation Principle:

Drawing 1 is the operation principle diagram of the vacuum pump,in which the impeller is eccentrically installed inside the subround pump body,when the impeller rotates in the direction of the arrow in the drawing,the liquid poured into the pump body forms a rotating liquid ring due to the centrifugal force.A crescent-shaped space is  

left between the surface of the rolating liquid ring and the impeller shell.When the impeller rotates from point A to point B,the  volume between the two adjacent blades is increasing gradually,and the gas was sucked in from outside.When the impeller rotates from point C to point A,the relevant volume decreases accordingly,and the inhaled gas is compressed and will be discharged when the pressure reaches or is a little higher than the atmospheric pressure.

Working solution:

1.Usually the clean water at normal temperature is used as working solution.If the water is easy to get scaling,it should be softened before using.The working solution acts as not only forming the liquid ring,but also taking the gas compression heat away as well as sealing the gap between the distribution board the impeller end.
2.During the operation,the vacuum pump need to be supplied with water continuously because some water inside the pump will be discharged together with the gas.
Please make sure that different kinds of working solution must comply with different materials of the   flow components.
3.Try to adopt the working solution at a lower tempetature.The working solution should not contain any rigid granules.If any draining screen should be installed inside the water supply pipeline to prevent any parts wear or impeller sticking.  

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