Stamford alternator,Stamford generator,ac brushless generator

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Stamford Electric is the world-renowned transnational Electric Group, one of the three. The use of advanced technology in the United States and Europe produces frequency AC alternator all over the world until the environment is the poorest region. Its strong manufacturing and service support capability and reliable quality accesses to the widely recognization of the usersaround the world. At the same time, the company launched a massive drive product line, including AC electric motor, self-starting synchronous motor and DC motor. Standardization of these components could be coordinated with the gear box in order to receive proper torque, speed and braking. The company also manufactures electronic systems for the production of full control, manipulation and orientation. Stanford's electrical power generation equipment in the field also played an important role in the production of complete line of low-voltage and medium voltage electrical alternator products.

   The company currently has a total of more than 12,000 employees around the world have more than 840 sales and service networks. With the company's development, the Stanford product in the world market and Chinese market  share has also been a significant increase, and its excellent technical performance of the products receives  recognition in all walks of life in the world.

   Stamford generating unique DVR2000 digital automatic voltage regulator, the regulator so that it can reach 0.2 percent. GB4942 protection of their performance in the IP22 standard, the use of permanent magnet brushless self-excitation( more advanced than non-permanent magnet ). Standard features include: voltage regulator, the regulation of stability, adjustment of voltage / low frequency performance of the protection, three-phase RMS detection, running parallel, over-excitation protection, over-voltage protection, EMI suppression functions.

   For the largest 100% rated load, power factor of 0.8 sudden increase in load, voltage fluctuations in the rate of only 0.3 percent, and 0.05 seconds back to ± 2% of the rated voltage and frequency stability of less than 3 seconds requirements can be easy reached.

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