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Model Number: HDPE Flanged head pipe
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Post Date: Apr 20,2012

Product Description: HDPE stub flange

Groove type high density polyethylene HDPE pipes [product characteristics. :
A PE80 material selection, HDPE tube feeding, special grade adopts unique groove type ring (clamp pressure, flexible connection) brings A lot of innovation and improvement:
1. Save raw material, low loss,
2 the unique pressure ring (clamp), install,
3 the unique C type rubber sealing ring, guarantee the realization triple seal connect the reliability of the seal,
4: the operation is simple, fast installation, economic, disassemble, maintenance,
5 but pressure drainage, aging resistance, long life, general and simple, reliable, connected not anticorrosive processing, construction speed is quick.
B, HDPE tube of other features:
1 non-toxic and whistleblowing vice polyethylene (HDPE) by department of health inspection and materials, non-toxic, allowing use can be recycled,
2 the humanized mating perfect design, and economical, groove type pipe beautiful outlook, easy to install and maintain, greatly reduce the high cost frit,
3 PaiSuan, can be used for chemical resistance, corrosion PaiJian liquid, etc.
4 curved, pipe installation convenience, easy obstacles, also suitable for soft soil place,
5. Resistant temperature, safe and reliable. Applicable scope - 60 ° ~ 60 °, whether the cold north or south is hot,
6 light, construction flexibility. Convenient, quick, simple construction, save money and manpower, resources, events,
7. Impact resistance, ah don't change, not bad, not in the installation process of transport or damage,
And wear resistance, abrasion mortar proved high-density polyethylene pipe and tube wear is four times the steel.
Groove type high density polyethylene pipe [scope. :
1 high-rise residential and life wastewater and sewage drainage (corrupt) system,
2 Bridges, highway drainage system,
3 in public places such as hotels, restaurants, shops, hospital of drainage (sewage system,
4 the basement elegant smoke drainage, underneath defent engineering,
5 this product has excellent corrosive, it is also suitable for corporations, the corrosion of acid wastewater discharge laboratory,
6 alternative drainage iron pipe.

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