Tempered Laminated safety glass

Price: US $5 - 20 / Square Meter
Brand Name: Dingjian/Mingjingyuan
Model Number: Laminted tempered glass
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 10,2011

Product Description: Tempered Laminated safety glass

 The laminated glass is one kind of safety glass made under high temperature by interlayingPVB membrane between glasses. It can be two sheets or more than two sheets.Fine performance1 .SafetyThe firm and tough bindings between PVB films and the glass makes laminated glass the safeglass with excellent performance. Vertically or sideling installed, it can resist theexternal impact and prevent penetration. Once broken, the broken pieces will still be stuckwith the middle coatings so as to avoid human injury or property loss because of glassfalling. Moreover, the whole glass still keeps its integrity and can continue to resistimpact and provide a shelter from wind and rain.2.Sound insulationLaminated glass can effectively reduce the noise with the range of the whole sound wavefrequency. The special laminated structure and PVB film of laminated glass can stop thesound wave, thus effectively preventing the expanding of the sound. It has excellent soundinsulation effect and can effectively reduce the high and low frequency noises of cars,human voices and planes.3.Performance of controlling sunshine and ultraviolet radiation PVB coating has the performance of ultraviolet radiation filtration. The PVB middle coatingcan absorb at least 99.5 ultraviolet radiation. Special PVB coating can add the performanceof controlling sunshine penetration to the laminated glass, thus preventing giddying andeffectively block the ultraviolet radiation. And the indoor furniture, plastics, textile,carpet, arts, ancient cultural relics and commodities can avoid fading and aging because ofthe ultraviolet radiation emission. 4.Decoration effectElegant decoration effect can be achieved by putting dragon pattern paper or PET coatingsprinted with all kinds of designs in the laminated glass. The ice-cracked glass withspecial decoration effects is a particular kind of application of laminated glass. 5.Energy conservationThe building laminated glass made of PVB coating can effectively reduce the transmission ofsunlight and the air conditioning energy consumption. Of the same thickness, the laminatedglass made of PVB coating of dark low transmission ratio has stronger heat insulationperformance. 6.SecurityLaminated glass can protect human beings and their property. It can effectively resistcrimes like stealing and violent intrusion. Aiming at destroying behaviors or resistingviolent break-in, laminated glass has the corresponding intensity. Laminated glass cannotbe single-side cut. It is very hard and will be easily caught when trying to break into ahouse by cutting. 7.Bulletproof and explosion-proofPVB has excellent toughness. When the laminated glass gets fierce external impact, it canabsorb and bear the impact caused by the bullet or explosion, preventing the bullet orshrapnel from penetrating through the glass. The chippings of the bottom glass aftercoating treatment will not splash and hurt people. 8.Anti-shock and hurricane-resistingThe laminated glass compounded by SGP special middle coating can resist the hurricane andlighten the disaster of earthquake. 9.Application scopeThe laminated glass is widely applied in hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital, lab,scientific research institute, vehicle, glass partition, stadium, and the buildings wherethere is a large crowd and the damage easily happens due to human bodys easy touching.  10.SpeicificationProduct: Ordinary transparent, color laminated, and laminated tempered, heat-strengthenedlaminated, laminated bending Glass and bullet-proof glass and the aquarium glass.   FeaturesThe security ofCan not be used because glasscutter of Laminated Glass has been installed on the implementation of effective cutting, and other tools used in normal breakdown Laminated Glass time-consuming long, sound great. Through cutting or breaking it Laminated Glass is very difficult to enter the room and it can be easily found. Laminated Glass for vandalism, theft and violence are strongly against invasive role. Anti-hurricane and earthquakeLaminated Glass as a result of the breakdown or the breakdown in the post, not falling debris remains embedded in the overall performance of in situ to become hurricanes and typhoons and the earthquake zone of the building materials and willingness to adopt it.ullet-proof, anti-sexualMultilayer Laminated Glass can be used to create different levels of bullet-proof, anti-glass, bullet for the needs of and violence against local attacks. Reduction ofPVB film for the role of acoustic barriers to Laminated Glass can effectively block the spread of sound and reduce noise. Sun control features Laminated Glass (in particular coloring Laminated Glass) can weaken the transmission of sunlight, thereby reducing the cooling energy consumption. At the same time, the sun glare can be reduced without causing color distortion.UV characteristics Laminated Glass UV barrier role of high (up to 99%), effectively prevent valuable indoor furniture, curtains, displays or other items subject to ultraviolet irradiation.Varieties, specifications, dimensionsProduct: Ordinary transparent, color laminated, and laminated tempered, heat-strengthened laminated, laminated bending Glass and bullet-proof glass and the aquarium glass. Max size: 2500mm * 6000mm Thickness :3-19mm PVB film Color: transparent, white, gray, blue, green, pink and so on. PVB Film Thickness :0.28-3 .04 mm StandardGB9962-1999 Laminated Glass ApplicationAutomotive windshield, building doors, windows, ceilings, glass walls, finance, jewelry stores and so on.Anti-theft glass, furniture glass 

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