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Superb Quality Iron Ore Pellet Plant

Price: US $ 11,000 - 99,000 / Set
Brand Name: China DSM
Model Number: many types
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 17,2012

Product Description: Superb Quality Iron Ore Pellet Plant

  Iron Ore Pellet Plant

1.General Introduction of  Iron Ore Pellet Plant:
 Iron Ore Pellet Plant mainly consists of such four parts as cylinder, magnetic system, cell and transmission parts. Cylinder is made of 2-3mm welded and bent stainless steel and the terminal cover is forged aluminum plate which is connected with stainless bolts. The motor drives the cylinder to go round and round through decelerated machine. The magnetic system is open and put in the cylinder. The magnetic piece is installed on the bottom plate with stainless bolt, the axis of magnetic yoke spreads out of cylinder, and there is cranks which are fixed on the end of axis. The angle of magnetic system can be adjusted by pulling the crank, and be fixed with push rod. The working area of cell is made of stainless steel plate, and the other parts of frame and cell adopt common welded steel.
2.Working Principle of   Iron Ore Pellet Plant:
The mineral slurry flows into the cell through box feeder, the mineral particle is loose under the function of water flow of feeder water pipe when they flow into the cell. Affected by magnetic field, the magnetic particle swarm together and form magnetic cluster or chain. With the magnetism of mineral slurry, the magnetic cluster or chain moves toward the magnetic pole, and is absorbed to the cylinder. Because of the polarity of magnetic pole, the revolving directions alternate constantly, and remain fixed when it is working. When the magnetic cluster and chain go round and round along with the cylinder, the mingled gangue and other non-magnetic ore fall down due to the mixing phenomena produced by alternation of magnetic poles, and it is concentrate that is absorbed to the cylinder surface. The concentrate moves to the end of magnetic system where the magnetism is weakest along with the revolving cylinder, and is discharged into concentrate tank by the current ejected by the discharging-ore pipe. The non-magnetic or weak magnetic remained are discharged along with the mineral slurry, and they are gangue.
3.Main Features of  Iron Ore Pellet Plant :
The magnetic system of  Iron Ore Pellet Plant  integrates good-quality iron-oxide body materials with rare earth magnetic steel; the average magnetic induction intensity of cylinder surface is 100-600mT. According to the needs of customers, the Iron Ore Pellet Plant  can be co-current, half-countercurrent, countercurrent, and so on. The  Iron Ore Pellet Plant  has the advantages of simple structure, big processing volume, convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc.
The Iron Ore Pellet Plant is applicable for wet mineral separation of such materials as magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and ilmenite, etc. and it is also applicable for iron removal working of such materials as coal, nonmetal and building materials, etc.
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Iron Ore Pellet Plant

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