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laser comb for hair growth and hair loss treatment

Price: US $ 30 - 38 / Unit
Brand Name: WTH
Model Number: 601
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 16,2012

Product Description: laser comb for hair growth and hair loss treatment

fast hair growth products/hair loss treatment laser/electrical massage comb/hair combs



Laser Comb                               Model:WTH-601

Product Description

If you are concerned about your hair, the earlier you start using the LaserComb, the better. There's nothing more detrimental to a person's appearance than thin, lifeless hair. And the longer you wait to do something about it, the less chance there is of reversing the problem.


The device is now very common and is available for sale in stores. Many companies are also doing this for hair loss help. Customers are properly advised and given directions of using such devices. As this is already mentioned that this is a home used device and a common person can handle and use it at home with proper and regular intervals.


The previous laser treatment for the hair loss used a highly beamed laser rays, despite this the laser comb is the low intensity laser treatment for the people who are going to have this at home with their own hands, just to stop hair loss. This low intensity laser treatment does not over heat a certain place so that it could damage the place.

The working of the device is simply same as the working of the low intensity other laser devices to stop hair loss. The main theory of working of the laser comb device is the brisk of the energy in the cells.

The whole thing is that the loss of energy that is not able to alter the growth of the hairs through the cell. By increasing the energy to that place we actually increase the lethargy of the place so that the blood flow can also increase. This regular treatment for hair loss alters the cells to live up again and do their work to grow the natural hairs again.

This is the recommendation of almost every sincere doctor to purchase such an innovative product; this would work and give the results to hair loss of men and also the hair loss of women. While purchasing such a device one should make some satisfactory analysis of the pureness and originality of the device, so that there would be no problem after awhile and all it does is stop hair loss.


Key Specifications/Special Features                         


    Laser Comb(Comb A )

Comb A adopts infrared, laser and impulse. Eight probes stimulate cells in the scalp.
Impulse: In treatment of some complicated conditions, especially hair-loss, impulse can have incomparable effect. It generates micro-electricity to activate cells and hair follicles.
Laser: Laser light therapy stimulates the red blood supply to the scalp. The additional supply of red blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients to the scalp area. It stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation, which may create a healthy environment for hair to grow. Hair may appear thicker, fuller and healthier. The new improved design aligns the laser beam ensuring no hair cells are missed during treament.
Infrared therapy: Activates cells and promotes metabolism, removing dead cells and reproducing new ones.

2. Lotion-infusing Comb (Comb B)
Brush B is a device to help hair grow lotion penetrate deeper into the hair follicles. Hair-restoration lotion can be effused from the entrance, and evenly distributed from multiple points. This action combined with the massaging vibration probe promotes the absorbability of hair follicles. Compared with smearing the lotion with hands, Bush B proves more effective and at the same time saves lotion being wasted on unaffected ereas



Supplier Details:

Guangzhou O.U Health Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Allen LiN

Contact Phone:86-20-36393654-809

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Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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