aluminum curtain wall profile kaca aluminium building decorative wall aluminium panel

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Product Description: aluminum curtain wall profile kaca aluminium building decorative wall aluminium panel

aluminum curtain wall profile

Aluminum curtain wall  is a new curtain material which is made by the basic material of high quality aluminum alloy plates with spraying decorative coatings in the surface , after CNC bending forming technology etc.Basic material 1100H24,1060H24,3003H24,5005H24 and some other curtain special single-layer alloy plates.Mainly made by panel, dabber, corner.Adopting American PPC, American Valspar, Holand Akzo Nobel, Kerea KCC and some other famous painting brands. Coating into two besmear one roast and three besmear two roast, its coating performance reach AAMA (American buildings manufacturers association) and ASCA (American buildings spraying association) AAMA2605-98 standard.


Regular thickness: 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm

Regular size: 600×1200mm,1220×2440mm

Protective Film

Varnish or Protective

Varnish (primer or decorative pattern)

Rendering (primer)

Aluminum chrome of membrane

Aluminum/ Aluminum tape

Aluminum chrome of membrane


Characteristics of Aluminum panel

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength, 3.0 mm thick aluminum 8.13 kg per square proportion, tensile strength 100-280n per square meter.

2, weathering resistance and corrosion resistance. Adopt kynar - 500 base makings of PVDF fluor-carbon painting can maintain 20years.

3, Workmanship. The application of the first after processing spray-paint technology, aluminum can be processed to plane, arc and sphere, etc. Various kinds of complex geometric shapes.

4, With uniformity coating, colour diversity. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum adhesion between uniformity, and various color choice space is large.

5, Difficult to contamination, facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Fluorocarbon coatings , it is difficult to adhere to its adequate adhesiveness pollutant, the more good self-cleaning .

6,Installation conveniently. Aluminum factory, construction site in shaping without cutting, fixed in skeletons.

7, Can be recycled and used again, favorable environmental protection. Aluminum plate can be recycled, different from glass, ceramic, stone, the adornment materials, recycling salvage value high.

Aluminum panel installation procedures

1,According to the working drawing aluminum plate Numbers find corresponding aluminum panel, check the numbers size with the construction site.

2,Aluminum panel installing sequence from vertical first row first piece begin (from left the first row first piece start). Review steel horizontal and vertical degree, try to install each row and the end of the aluminum panel (piecewise installation) and adjust unified level (vertical) degrees, in order to assure aluminum panel unity and smooth.

3,Every install laid the aluminum panel, five rows should be inspected once suspension, in order to eliminate the error.

4,Aluminum panel installation ends must pay attention to easily pollution and bruising parts protection, from top to bottom will tear film aluminum plate surface, while layered synchronous dismantle frame. Demolition frame should pay attention to the protection aluminum panel, avoid bruising, scoring.

Application Scopes

Aluminum panel curtain wall is suitable for various building facades, lobby appearance, column act the role ofing, elevated corridor, pedestrian overpass, elevator overlock, balcony decoration, advertising signs, indoor special-shaped condole of decoration.

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