Well Water Black Hand Pump Cast Iron GARDEN

Price: US $ 1 - 100 / Piece
Brand Name: HRC
Model Number: HRC-HP08
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 14,2012

Product Description: Well Water Black Hand Pump Cast Iron GARDEN

Well Water Black Hand Pump Cast Iron GARDEN


Well Water Black Hand Pump Cast Iron GARDEN

Cast Iron Shallow Hand Well Pump


Please note: There are some who sell these pumps & ship them unassembled, while others sell them but they aren't the REAL thing & can't be hooked up & USED. Ours CAN. PLUS, the "plunger" inside of THIS water well hand pump is the REAL DEAL. Made of LEATHER just like the old ones used to be made. (As opposed to the cheaper degradable RUBBER plungers in the ones being sold elsewhere) We don't mention this to be disparaging, but rather to let you know that there ARE differences.


WE SHIP THIS ITEM COMPLETELY Assembled & ready to be used! It is a USEABLE Shallow well pump (up to approx. 20 feet)


AND if you want to paint it a different color you can EASILY paint right over the existing finish & it will easily bond!)


Brand NEW item!!!! Beautiful as a yard decoration.....working pump.....etc.! Holes built into the base to easily mount to any surface if you like.


Measures 15 1/2" Tall, 7 1/4" across at the base, 15 1/4" long handle, 3 1/4" long front watering nozzle.




You step up to the pump, lean forward to drop the bucket onto the hook on the spout and step sideways so that you can grasp the handle. The pump is old and the handle heavy and you can hear the aging mechanism groan as you heave the handle upwards to the top of its swing. You get a good, solid grip of the handle and start to pump. The first stroke produces no water, but the next two is more rewarding; water gushes forth from the spout and the water level in your bucket rises. Each movement of the handle is accompanied by the groan of the pump and the squeak of the hinge. You stop for a moment to see how much water you have in the bucket and ease your stiff shoulder, still sore from all the logs you chopped earlier, and continue pumping. The pressure in the pump has fallen while you paused but it increases quickly as you pump again and in a few strokes the bucket is full. As you push the handle back down for the last time, it swings to its home position with a wheeze and a clatter and the last little bit of water coughs out of the spout. You lean down, pick up your bucket and walk away....





Q. Can other people pump water too?

A. Yes, your friends or visitors can click on the pump to get a bucket and then right click and choose pump, the same as you.


Q. I'd like to have the bucket hanging from the pump all the time, or perhaps standing elsewhere in my garden, But when I rez the bucket that I got from the pump, it is no mod and temporary and it disappears after a minute or so. Can I have a non-temporary one?

A. Yes. In fact you already have one. Look in the folder or the box that the pump came in. There are two display buckets in there.


Q. I think I lost one of the parts of the set. Can I get a replacement?

A. Yes, of course. Visit one of my stores and find the vendor for this set. Click on the vendor and choose “Redelivery” and it will send a new copy to you.


Q. Sometimes the pumping animation gets out of sync with the handle movement. Why is this and what can I do about it?

A. We spent a lot of time working on the coordination between the avatar and the pump handle and we got it as close as we can. It's usually better after the first time you play it because the viewer will have cached the animations. At the moment, this is as accurate as we can make it. If things change in the future and we are able to more accurately coordinate the scripts and animations, we'll jump at the chance. We think that this is still a unique creation and we are not aware of anywhere else with anything quite like it.


Welcome you send e-mail to us for more information and quotation.

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