Coconut shell Activated Carbon

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PrincipleActivated carbon is a very small carbon particles have large surface area, is rich in pores, has a strong adsorption capacity, due to a large surface area of carbon particles, so with gas (impurities) full contact. When these gases (impurities) are micro porous adsorption, from the purification. The use of activated carbon1, air purification2, the sewage treatment plant exhaust adsorption3, drinks water4, water pretreatment plant5, pretreatment of wastewater recycling6, Biological Wastewater Treatment7, toxic waste water treatment8, petrochemical E sweetening9, solvent recovery (because the activated carbon adsorption of organic solvents)10, chemical catalyst11 canisters12, Gold Extraction13, the exhaust purification chemicals storage14, sugar, alcohol, monosodium glutamate, medicine, food refining,  bleaching15, ethylene desalinated water fill16, automobile exhaust purification17, PTA oxide gas purification device18, printing ink impurity Daily life1, refrigerator odor of anti-bacteria air conditioning in terms of using antimicrobial activated carbon filter. A high-tech carbon filter, but also to capture and suppress the virus in the air, so fresh and clean indoor air is always maintained.2, we drink the water directly, that is, ozone disinfection of water used increases the depth of activated carbon filtration treatment process to make the water meet the national drinking water standards for the direct.3,03 In order to prevent the spread of SARS, there have activated carbon respirator, a thick layer of paper tucked inside the activated carbon filter can be used continuously for 10 hours to keep dry.4, swimming pool replacement of water, also use activated carbon filter impurities.5, cosmetology, very popular in recent years, the international carbon cleansing formula is said to be sucked like a magnet for dirt taken refug 

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