Coconut shell water processing activated carbon

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Post Date: Jul 07,2011

Product Description: Coconut shell water processing activated carbon

 The product is used the high-quality coconut shell as raw material. The product has the bigger surface and the higher intensity and etc. It has all kinds of specifications, such as: granule, little granule and powder carbon. At present, the coconut shell activated carbon has the best effect to purify the drinking water, get rid of the chlorine and deoxidize. It also can be used in the water purifying equipments, such as: water filter, core filtrate and so on.Technical data of coconut shell activated carbon:ParameterUnitProduct  typeE01 typeE02 typeE03 typeE04 typeE05 typeE06 typeParticle sizemesh4-86-126-1210-2828-4224-60Surface area/g≥1200≥1100≥1100≥1100≥1100≥1100Pore volumeml/g0.40-0.550.40-0.550.40-0.600.38-0.550.36-0.550.38-0.55Bulk densityg/ml0.44-0.500.44-0.500.44-0.500.42-0.500.385-0.420.37-0.47Specific heatk/g°C-0.24-0.24-0.24-0.24-0.24-0.24Kindling point°C420/////Abrasion resistance%≥95≥97≥99≥95/≥95Moisture%≤10≤10≤10≤10/≤10Ash content%≤4≤4≤4≤5/≤3PH ≥7≥7≥7≥75-74.5-7.5Iodine valuemg/g≥1050≥1050≥1000≥1000/≥1000Methylene blue adsorption rateml///9/≥13Calcium, magnesium%/////≤0.25iron%/////≤0.05Chlorine%/////≤0.1Benzene adsorption value%≥45≥45≥40≥45//tetrachloride adsorption value%≥60≥55≥50≥60// 

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