How to make a simple and perfect silicone rubber mold?

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Product Description: How to make a simple and perfect silicone rubber mold?


The detailed operating method of simple silicone mold


1  prepare the original molds:

you must make sure your original molds perfect. And fix the original mold on a board , then used four piece of board to enclose the original mold.


2 Pls clean the surface of the original model, and dry it, then evenly brush a lay of mold release agent (Vasline or detergent can be used as mold release agent)


3 Take 100g of part A and add 2g of part B and mix the silicone rubber and curing agent evenly.


Notes: Moulding silicon rubber is a kind of flowing liquid and it contains two parts. Part A is a kind of white flowing liquid silicone rubber and part B is the curing agent. Remember to mix part A and part B evenly, otherwise the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will give birth to difficulties in your final operation. What’s more, the finished moulds will meet a short life. All of these will cause a waste of silicon rubber.


4  vacuum pumping : Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available


The steps of the front is prepare of the molds, the next step is for the operation  


5 . pouring way operating:  

Slowly and evenly pour the mixed silicon rubber into the square frame, make sure all the corner of the original mold covered with this mixed material. 6-8 hours later, the rubber is dry, then a mold is formed.



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