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Brand Name: DAEWOO Forklift Parts
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 03,2012

Product Description: DAEWOO Forklift Parts

DAEWOO Forklift Parts

Wherever you are, Folangsi provides high quality forklift parts at competitive price with excellent service.


Folangsi is the leading forklift & spare parts supplier in China.

Forklift trucks:

FOLANGSI Diesel Forklift 2~10T

FOLANGSI Gasoline or LPG forklift 2~3.5T

FOLANGSI Electric Forklift 1.5~2.5T


Forklift spare parts:

Folangsi provides good quality Made-in-China replacement parts applied to TOYOTA forklift, KOMATSU forklift, TCM forklift, MITSUBISHI forklift, NISSAN forklift, NICHIYU forklift, LINDE forklift, DAEWOO forklift, TAILIFT forklift, HELI forklift, HANGCHA forklift, JAC forklift, Dalian forklift and BAOLI forklift etc.


Engine parts:

Folangsi Provides Made-in-China replacement parts applied to the following Japanese engine models:

ISUZU C240PKJ,4JB1,4JG2,4FE1, 4LE1, C221, 6BD1, 6BG1, 6BG1T, DA220

NISSAN TB42, TD27, TD42, A15, H15, H20, H20-1, H20-2, H25, H25-2, K15, K21, K25, SD22, SD25

TOYOTA 5K, 5R, 14Z, 4Y, 4P, 2J, 1Z, 2Z, 1DZ-1, 1DZ-2, 11Z, 13Z, 2H, 2F

KOMATSU 4D95, 4D102, 6D95, 6D95L, 4D95S-1, 6D105, 6D102E-1, S6D102E, SA6D102E-2

YANMAR 4D94E, 4D94LE, 4D92E, 4D98E, 4TNE94, 4TNV94LE,

MITSUBISHI 4DQ7, 4G33, 4G52, 4G54, 4G63, 4G64, S4E, S4E-2, S4L, S4Q2, S4S, S6E, S6E2, S6K, S6S, 6D16, 6D24

Folangsi Provide original / OEM engine parts of Chinese Engine Parts:

XINCHAI 490B, 490BT, 490BPG, A490B, B490B, B490BPG, C490BT, D490BPG, E490BPG, 495B, 495BT, 495BPG, A495BPG, 498BT, 498B, A498B, 498BT, 498BPG, A498BZT, NB485B, NB485, NA485BPG, NC485B, NC485BZL, NB485BPG, NC485BZL, NB385B, 495B, 485Q, 492B, XC492B, 4K41T, 4K43T, XC4D28, 4K39T, 4102B,


Forklift attachments:

Folangsi can supply Forklift attachments Sideshifters, Fork Positioners, Paper roll clamps, Bale clamps, Pulp bale clamps, Multi-purpose clamps , Tobacco Carton Clamps, Drum Clamps, Fork Clamps, Hinged Forks, Carton Clamps, Rotators, Push, Pulls, Pusher, Tyre Clamp, Turning Fork Clamps, Turning Fork, Bar Arm Clamps, Hinged Broke Fork Clamps, No-Arm Clamps, Block Clamps, Los Holder , Carrying Ram, Load Stabilizer and so on.


214A4-32051Bushing, Rear Axle Beam34A-42-11411Bushing, Rear Axle Beam47514-33060-71Brake Shoe47505-33060-71Brake Shoe47420-32190-71Cable, Parking Brake47420-32980-71Cable, Parking Brake63110-16301Oil Seal, Rotary UnitR-402-30613Repair Kit, Control Valve621F0-12061Four-Way, Mast621F0-12071Four-Way, Mast62170-12571Four-Way, Mast3EB-64-11630Rod, Tilt Cylinder Piston94211-19600Mast Bushing16405-T9005Fuel Filter26550-14000Rear Combination Lamp6-8FG10-30/4YFlywheel63130-15302BPulley, Cable24234-39803Repair Kit, King Pin24234-39813Repair Kit, Center Arm04901-00100Grease fitting04901-00190Grease fitting25904-39801Repair Kit, King Pin  C-K2-61708-02204Repair Kit, Wheel CylinderGC15(51Kg)Sideshifter214A5-22051Accelerator Pedal3EA-15-11610Strainer, Transmission3EA-15-11610Strainer, Transmission27414-40321Rim, Rear Wheel.Rim, Rear Wheel3EB-15-51600Strainer, Transmission27414-40321Rim, Rear Wheel27414-40321Rim, Rear Wheel83420-76001-71Water Temperature Sender(Engine)9037753-00Nut, Front Axle HubGC20(55Kg)Sideshifter9119823-00Pin, Steering Link2816242Torque Converter80311-76076-71Oil Seal, Rear Cran80311-76021-71Oil Seal, Rear Cran24454-40221Rim, Front Wheel3EB-27-11520Rim, Front Wheel44310-32062-71Rim, Front Wheel


K1326Air Filter32901-31630-71Transmission Filter44310-32981-71Rim, Front Wheel54356-80802Rim, Front WheelGC30(72Kg)Sideshifter56610-22000-71Front Combination Lamp80311-76060-71Oil Seal, Front Cran80311-76020-71Oil Seal, Front Cran33360-31961-71.33364-31960-71Sleeve, Transmission Hub33362-31960-71Hub, Transmission Clutch33368-31960-71Synchronizer Ring33371-31961-71Spring, Synchromesh Shifting Key33366-31960-71Key, Synchromesh Shifting33340-22000-71Synchronizer Assy33363-22000-71Sleeve, Transmission Hub33361-22000-71Hub, Transmission Clutch33367-76004-71Synchronizer Ring( 1/2 )33371-22000-71Spring, Synchromesh Shifting Key33366-76005-71Key, Synchromesh Shifting


Contact Info:

Folangsi Machine Co., Ltd.

Add: 597# North Panyu Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

Postal code: 511400

Tel: 0086-20-3999 3595

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Folangsi Machine Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Emily Wu

Contact Phone:0086-20-39993595

Main Products:Forklifts

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company


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