DC gear motor,pmdc gear motor,gear motor,gear motor brake encoder

Price: US $ 20 - 300 / Set
Brand Name: xianghe
Model Number: PM DC motor
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 03,2012

Product Description: DC gear motor,pmdc gear motor,gear motor,gear motor brake encoder

 DC gear motor,pmdc gear motor,gear motor,gear motor brake encoder,DC motor,pmdc motor,gearheard,gear motor mounted with brake

DC motor,pmdc motor,gearheard,gear motor mounted with brake,encoder and thermal protector are available.Used in traction,small vehicles

For continuous dynamic change in the work of machinery, such as the production line, automatic machine tools, printing machinery, can also be used for frequent starts and stops, or for the operation of the occasion, such as vending machines, packaging machines. Voltage regulators, electric lifts.

12V 125W brushed dc motor


   ZYT Series PM DC Motor is used with Ferrite PM magnet, clouse and self-cooling. It is used for driven element in any equipment system.

    Model Explanation

90 ZYT08 /H1

1.90 indicates motor frame No,. The frame No,is indicated with 55,70,90,110,130(The frame No, corresponds with frame Dia. 55,70,90,110,130mm).

2.ZYZ indcates PM DC Motor.

3.08 indicates the lamination length No,.01-49 refers to short lamination types, 51-99 refers to long lamination types and 101-149 refers to special long lamination types.

4.H1 refers to derivative structure , its No, is indicated with H1,H2,H3…(Each frame No, is arranged on custemor ‘s requirement in order.)

3.Mounting Model

 1.Housing Mounting: A5(single shaft extension),AA5(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).

 2.Flange Mounting:A3(single shaft extension),AA3(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).

 3.Foot Mounting: A1(single shaft extension),AA1(double shaft extension) and frame No,(90-130).


 1.No more than 4000m above sea level.

 2.Ambient temperature:-25~40degree.

 3.Relative humidity ≤95%(at +25degree).

 4.The followed temperature rise: no more than 75K(when 1000m above sea level).

5.Technical Data

 The following data changes within range depending on exact model,customer can refer to them when making selection.

24V dc electric motor


Speed ToleranceRemark55ZYT01 63.730002012/241.5200 55ZYT05 55.760003512/242.5300 55ZYT5192.330002912/242.1200 55ZYT55 79.660005012/243.45300 55ZYT61 76.450004012/242.5250 55ZYT63/H1127.415002012/241.25100 55ZYT72 95.525002512/241.7150 55ZYT101 76.41500012012/247.5700 70ZYT01 159.230005012/243.2200 70ZYT05 135.460008512/245.2300 70ZYT16 19120004012/242.3100 70ZYT5122330007012/244.3200 70ZYT55191.1600012012/247.5300 70ZYT76/H1318.515005012/243150 90ZYT0529430009212/246.1200 90ZYT5551015008012/245100 90ZYT105733300023012/2413.5200 90ZYT106733150012512/246.5100 110ZYT05 637300020012/2413200 110ZYT55980300030812/2416.5200 110ZYT105 1274300040012/2422.5200 110ZYT1061274150024512/2412100 110ZYT155 2230300070012/2445200 110ZYT1562230150037512/2422100 130ZYT053185150050012/2428100 130ZYT55 31853000100012/2450200 130ZYT1053822150060012/2430100 130ZYT10638223000120012/2455200 

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