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Brand Name: Dragon Bridge
Model Number: G-V202F2
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Apr 02,2012

Product Description: GPS tracking Device for car

Application fields:Logistics vehicle, Engineering truck, Leasehold car, Passenger vehicle, Bus,Taxi, Private car and etc.Capability feature:Adopt industrial grade communication module group, 12 channels positioning, Work at 8-36V  Voltage,High voltage protect,Small cubage,Setting convenience,Steady Capability ,Resist power supply reverse-connect,resist static,electromagnetism compatible,vibration endurable.Relevant accessories:GPS Main Device, GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, Power Supply cable, Panic Button, Lock Vehicle relay, Monitor Mic,Serial port camera.Device functions:telecontrol, parameter setting:surveillance center can remote control the vehicle and alter relevant parameter of GPS device.Positioning (GPS global positioning, Target location):it can real time locate target if installed this device.Target tracking:surveillance center can tracking target real time. Blind area replenish report:after target out of GSM blind area, send information to surveillance center immediately.Emergency alarm, mute listening:when user need help, press SOS then it will send an alarm immediately, surveillance center was authorized to listen in the condition inside vehicle, and help to solve the event.Remove alarm:when there is an alarm, surveillance center can remove alarm after the event was solved.GPS open circuit alarm:when GPS antenna was damaged unwittingly or by act of man, it will send a GPS open circuit alarm to surveillance center.Overspeed alarm:when the speed vehicle drive exceed the value manager set, it will send a overspeed alarm to surveillance center.Alarm of Off-course:when vehicle deviate the travel route manager set, GPS device will generate an alarm automatically and send to surveillance center.Main power lost alarm, battery cell low voltage alarm:when vehicle battery can not supply power normally due to damaged or loss, the backup power inside the device will supply power, and send an alarm to surveillance center to ask for solve the problem, driver can drive vehicle normally.Enter limit area alarm:when vehicle enter into the prohibited area manager set, GPS device will send this alarm to surveillance center.Out of bound alarm:when vehicle leave the driving area manager set, GPS device will send this alarm to surveillance center.Stealing alarm:when vehicle be Stealing, GPS device detect the signal from the anti-theft alarm system which installed in vehicle, it will send Stealing alarm immediately.Replay history data:surveillance center can view and play the history track of vehicle.Cut fuel/circuit:manager can cut vehicle's fuel/circuit via surveillance center when vehicle be Stealing to stop the vehicle.Restore fuel/circuit:after cut fuel/circuit,manager can restore fuel/circuit via surveillance center,then vehicle can be start and drive normally. Timing registry:GPS terminal connect GPRS network periodically to ensure data transmission smoothly.GPRS SMS:GPS device can support GPRS and GSM data transmission function at the same time to ensure the positioning data not be lost.Manual set function:installation or maintain worker can set relevant parameter of GPS device via hand handle to reduce the communication cost. GPS device local/remote update:when GPS device functions need changed, it can  be field upgrade  or through internet via RS232 serial port components, no need dismantle the main device and parts.Remote debugging:if GPS devices have fault, it can be analyse and handle remotely, avoid the trouble of long-distance trip. Intelligent supply power and charge:GPS device can connect with 12V or 24V voltage of vehicel battery directly, and identify vehicle battery voltage automatically. It will switch to inside backup battery automatically if it is undervoltage, and automatic charge when external power source get right. Send fuel consumption data:via fuel level detector, surveillance center can real time inquire fuel level, at the same time generate fuel consumption curvilineal to identify the condition of fuel consumption.  Refuel notice:it will generate refuel point when vehicle refuelling to avoid mendacious reimburse of fuel fee. Steal fuel alarm:send a steal fuel alarm to surveillance center when fuel level decrease unconventionally to avoid the event of fuel be steal.     hands-free talk use hand handle:it can use hands-free talk if there is incoming call for GPS device, user can talk use external speaker and do not influence driving and safety. (need connect with handsfree speaker)Monitoring via take pictures:(need connect with camera and other accessories)     send picture immediately when take picture:surveillance center can view the picture inside vehicle if issue take picture command, as proof  (like overload) for manager.     send picture when there is emergency alarm:automatic take picture to upload to surveillance center when there is an emergency alarm, as the proof for police to increase the efficiency.       empty/loaded vehicle take picture and storage:empty/loaded vehicle take picture automatically and save it, the picture can pick up from computer if need it, as proof use in the future.       take picture at the time of open/shut door and send it immediately:it can be set to take picture automaticall at the time of open/shut door and send it to surveillance.Technical parameter:Working voltage:8-36V/DC (limit voltage 100V)Power supply resist reverse connection feature:≥80VWorking current:average 110mA @ DC 12V;power save status45mA @ DC 12VPower:Working status 1.2w;sleeping mode 0.7wExterior dimension:114×62.1×33.2mm (L×W×H)  (aluminium alloy crust)Weight:0.32kg (main device net weight)Communication mode:GSM/GPRS/CDMASupport frequency band:850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHzWorking temperature:-20 to +60 centidegreeWorking humidity:5%-95%Inside battery charge time:3-4 HoursInside battery working time:3-5 Hours

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