ZW32 series high voltage outdoor vacuum circuit breaker part

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Post Date: Mar 31,2012

Product Description: ZW32 series high voltage outdoor vacuum circuit breaker part

General rule   The ZW32 outdoors vacuum circuit-breaker digests the absorption overseas vanguard technology, unifies our country electric power profession characteristic, newest development new generation outdoors vacuum circuit-breaker. Is suitable in rated voltage 12kV, the three-phase AC 50Hz outdoors, take the power plant, the transformer substation, the power equipment and the power circuit control and the protection.   This model circuit breaker uses the three-phase separation the column structure, when single-phase breaks down, will not cause the three-phase abruption. The vacuum explosion chamber casting in each insulation bushing, ceased, because congeals the short trouble which the dew causes. In the box does not have the transformer oil, the non-sulfur hexafluoride gas, satisfies the non-oiling transformation and the environmental protection request.Standard   The ZW32 vacuum circuit-breaker conforms to GB1984-2003, GB/T11022, JB3855, DL/T402, IEC56 and so on related standard.Main feature:   The spring operating mechanism, has the very good control performance, but operates frequently, has manual and electrically operated.   The circuit breaker rational design, the overall construction is compact, the volume is small, the weight is light, easy installation.   The insulating ability is good, has the outstanding hydrophobic and anti-contamination ability, may use in the environment quite bad place.   Especially qualify in city and rural household external power grid, with small outdoors distribution system.   Installs the controller, may realize matches the net automation.Installs the way   On the household outside column installs.

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