Batteryless telephone Marine telephone,Multi-way headset type sound powered telephone

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Brand Name: FUCHENG
Model Number: HSC-8J HSC-12J
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 30,2012

Product Description: Batteryless telephone Marine telephone,Multi-way headset type sound powered telephone

HSC Sound powered telephone Telephone System


The series of HSC sound powered telephone telephones are designed according to the CCS rules and regulations.They are used as sound powered and common battery telephones for communication on vessels. Its features are loud and clear with or without external power, and convenient for use.



Enhance voice for communicate

The user can use the sound powered telephone telephone with 24VDC power to communicate. The telephone call will change to sound powered call automatically when power down.


Press key to call

One call key on the panel of the HSC telephone. When the 24VDC power is on, press this key to call the other telephone without rotating the generator. When the power supply is between 15V and 35V, the telephone can be used normally. Rotate the generator to communicate when power down.



Noise-proof feature

The noise-proof sound powered telephone telephone with noise-proof headset. It can be used under the 110dB noise enviornement.


Flashing light signalling unit

It is used in the engine room and other noise area. The sound powered telephone telephones all with terminals to connect it. When the telephone call signal should be send to the E/R alarm indicator column, FR-100 relay box should be connected.




System configuration can be classfied into three types.


1. Single-way sound powered telephone telephone


Two single-way sound powered telephone telephones can be connected for communication. When the cable of HSC-1Q connect through wheelhouse console, the connection cable should be separated screen and grounded well.



2. Selective sound powered telephone telephone

The selective call telephone system is consisted of several multi-way type telephones. Any telephone can call each

other. Several pairs of  telephones can communicate at the same time. The capability is 4~12 lines.






3. Command sound powered telephone telephone

The command sound powered telephone telehone system is consisted of one command telephone and several multi-way type telephones. The command telephone can communicate with multi-way type telephones. The multi-way telephone can not call each other. Other telephones can override when the command telephone communicate with the others.







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