Best Selling IC Recorder, USB pen video audio record ,Video Pen,Digital Recorder Pen

Price: US $ 9 - 20 / Piece
Brand Name: FREEDOM
Model Number: FREEDOM
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 30,2012

Product Description: Best Selling IC Recorder, USB pen video audio record ,Video Pen,Digital Recorder Pen

Recorder Pen
1.USB pen video audio record
2.Eco-friendly material
3.Low price and top quality


Instructions for use:

1. When the camera is in the OFF state, press the POWER key. The video pen turns on and the yellow light indicates that it is in STANDBY mode. Press the POWER key again. The light turns blue. Your video pen goes into VIDEO mode and starts recording. It is working now.

2. In VIDEO mode the light is blue. Press the POWER key, and the video pen first stores the recording, and then stops, going into STANDBY mode. The light now turns yellow.

3. In the STANDBY mode, the light is yellow. If further recording is needed, press the POWER key. The video pen starts recording and the light turns blues again.

4. In the STANDY mode, the light is yellow. Press the POWER for more than 3 seconds and the video pen turns off.

The indicator light will then turn off.

5. If the battery power is low while the video pen is recording, the video will store your image file first and then turns off. Your file's security is ensured. At this time, it is necessary to charge up.

6. When video pen is being charged, the yellow light will blink until the battery is full. When the battery is full charged, the YELLOW light will stop blinking and glow solid yellow.

7. The video pen can also be used as a USB flash drive. When it is plugged into a computer, the yellow light turns on.

8. Before connecting the pen to the computer as a USB driver, ensure that the proper file associations have been made so that your system knows which application opens the video files. The pen stores your videos as AVI files, which can open with Quick Time Player, VLC Media player and other multi-format media players.

9. To access the recorded files, in Windows Explorer, click REMOVABLE DISK, and double-click on the proper file.

10. You can drag&drop files from the pen to the computer, or manipulate the files as any other files in Windows.

Product's brief description:

1. This video pen contains the smallest DVR in the world. The DVR has the function of recording and kinescoping.

The video pen is the world's first pen-shaped DVR with the function of recording and kinescoping.

2. Super-Sensitive microphone can record within a range of 15 square meters. High definition of the kinescope provides powerful guarantee for police.

3. The video pen's writing is super vivid, delicate for outlining, with a fluent writing function. It is long-lasting, and uses replaceable and environmentally-safe ink cartridges.

4. The video pen can connect with USB port of any computer & other electronic equipment.

5. Is powered by a standard USB2.0 port, no need for internal drive and power when attached to a PC.

6. It is supported by Windows98/98Se/Me/2000/XP/MAC OS/LINUX, and can be identified automatically by those operating systems.

7. Kinescope format: 640*480 AVI of CIF 0.3 megapixels.

8. Reading speed/Writing speed: 900K/700K per second.

9. The capacity is from 64MB to 4GB (Max 4GB). It can record video for 6 hours continuously with the 4GB model.

10. Built-in high-volume rechargeable lithium battery can work for 2 hours.







Lithium battery

2 hours working












Stand by




System Supporting

Windows98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAC OS/LINUX













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