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20104 zero point energy wand

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Post Date: Mar 29,2012

Product Description: 20104 zero point energy wand

what is magic nano wand?
Made up of special combination of granulated minerals, processed using our own properietary technology Amized fusion. Technology to resonate at Zero Point Energy to help our body source the universal life force energy which our body needs.
usage of magic nano wand
1. Balance the body's nervous system, maintain good mental state. (Balance model)
For example, (a paralysis, patients suffering from hemiplegia, the nervous system itself is caused by loss of balance, they only unilateral Nerve to run, lead to self-control.)
2.Eliminate the man-made body frequency (60pcs) negative effect. Scalar energy and frequency energy counteracted the harmful man-made frequency, and changed it to the harmless to the human body, the man-made frequency ---- emitted by the human manufactured goods like: computers, radios, televisions and so on that distributing frequency, the so-called
3.Enhance the energy level of each cell in the body to of 70-90micro-V, to reduce fatigue, and muscle fatigue and muscle rigidity.
    A.When health and spirit, we will issue a cell of 70-90 micro-volts of electricity, and when we feel tired or sick, those of electricity will drop.
     B.Scalar energy helps our cells charging power as well as to maintain a healthy level, so even if we have a hard day's work but would not feel very tired.
4 Maintain DNA (DNA) not be destroyed, preventing of cancer
    a.Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is connected by hydrogen of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) elements
     b.When the hydrogen is destroyed and disconnected with the molecules, the cells will become cancer cells.
5. To enhance immune function.
    a. When the cells have enough energy (70-90 micro-volts of electricity), detoxification and absorption process was also very good, the cells that will become a very healthy cells.
    b. When the cells are healthy, it can have the ability to kill germs.
    c. so that our immune system can be greatly improved.
6.To promote blood circulation, purify the blood and help regulate blood pressure.
    Scalar energy can purify the blood and improve the chylomicrons (fly in the blood protein and fat molecules) and the level of triglycerides form.
     When the blood is clean, chylomicrons and the level of triglycerides in a good state of appearance, the blood will flow relatively smoothly, then we can achieve blood pressure regulation.

7. To strengthen the spirit of focus and clarity.and Comprehensive upgrades the quality of married life.

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