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88 Zero Point Energy Nano Wand

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Brand Name: sheenzi
Model Number: sdf4
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 29,2012

Product Description: 88 Zero Point Energy Nano Wand

 88 Zero Point EnergyNANO WAND 


New technology,magic product

What are the benefits of Nano Wand?

Energy wand,zero point energy wand

what is energy wand?

Energy wand is a natural energy generating device. 

Made up of special combination of  energy minerals, processed using our own properietary technology to scalar with zero point energy. which help our body source the universal life force energy which our body needs.


The function of energy wand:

1.The natural energy wand improves sleep patterns 

when placed under the bed and improves the positive chi energy of the body 


2.The natural energy wand created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. 

The molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious,and any food  taste more better.For instance, any wine, alcohol, coffee, tea or fruit juice will change the flavour when a Nano Wand treats the liquid. Any food we consume with energized water will always taste better and good


 3.The natural energywand helps our cells charging power as well as to maintain a healthy level, so even if we have a hard day's work but would not feel very tired.


4.The natural energy wand will remove  blockages in the body and clear the distortions in our Q-bio energetic field


5.The energy wand includes the magnet and zero point energy function,which will relieve the pain,aches


6.the Scalar energy will balance the body’s imbalances


7. To enhance immune function.


8. negative ion outputing at 1500 guass,enhancing internal organ functions and adding to blood energy levels

Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Sheen-Zi Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Elaine Wong

Contact Phone:86-20-36264031

Main Products:Pendants & Charms

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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