Fly ash brick making machine(QT4-25)

Price: US $ 18,000 - 25,000 / Set
Brand Name: FATO
Model Number: QT4-25
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 29,2012

Product Description: Fly ash brick making machine(QT4-25)


General Introduction of QT4-25Semi-automatic Block Making Machine:

QT4-25semi-automatic block making machine(semi-automatic means that the machine is operated by one worker through some handles.But all processes are finished by the machine itself.) The moulds can be customized according the demand of customers.

QT4-25(4 stands for the production of hollow blocks like 400*200*200 is 4pieces every mould,and 25stands for every cycle needs 23-25 seconds).


QT4-25semi-automatic block making machine:HT350mixer(JS500 mixer) + Conveyor belt(6 meters)+Pallets Feeder+Materials Feeding system+Host machine+2sets of carts+10pieces of pallets

Main Technical Specifications



Vibration Frenquency

3500 cycles/minute

Vibration Pressure



Hollow Block (400×200×200mm) 4 pieces/mould

Solid Brick  (240×115×53 mm)26 pieces/mould

Hollow Block (240X115X90mm)14pieces/mould

Paving Block(200×100×60mm)16pieces/mould

Cycle Time



Hollow Block(400×200×200 mm)   4600-5000 pieces

Solid Brick   (240×115×53mm)     40000-46000pieces

Hollow Block (240X115X90mm)      16200-17500 pieces

Paving Block  (200×100×60 mm)   18000-20000pieces

Motor Power


Water Consumption


Number of workers


Space of Ground

3000 square meter

Gross Weight


Machine Dimension


Main materials

Cement,crushed stone dust,gravel,sand,coal fly ash,iron/aluminium dust,crushed cinder and some industrial wastes

Products of machine

Hollow blocks,Solid bricks,Pavers,Kurbstones,Slope blocks,slabs, interlock bricks and so on.

Main Features:

QT4-25semi-automatic block making machine is simple,economic to run and easy to clean and maintain.This kind of machine has the following advantages:

    Multifuctions:The machine can be used to make different products with different moulds,like hollow blocks,solid bricks,pavers,Kurbstones and so on.Power-saving:when the machine is working,only the host machine is always be on,other parts only works at regular intervals.Quick speed:The under-part and upper-part of mould inserts and pulls out quickly with high-powered hydraulic pump.Meanwhile,all the processes like moulding materials into blocks and preparing materials are finished at the same time.And the pallets moving is quick.Easy operation:The host machine is operated by one person,and other processes will be completed automatically by electronics.Because pressure of viberating is high,the materials needs less water.So the machine still can work under low temperature.High quality of mould:Mould is an important part of machine.The steel is standard materials for making moulds.We have many procedures like adding carbon and boron,back fire for three times, polishing,and so on.And the geomitry of the moulds is standard too.

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Shandong Huatong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

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