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Automatic Jewelry metal chain making / welding machine

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Brand Name: Bowiin
Model Number: BWN03-08
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 27,2012

Product Description: Automatic Jewelry metal chain making / welding machine

       Automatic jewelry chain necklace weaving machine


1.Full- automatic in-line  welding machine ,no need to add any welding material .


 2.The photo belowed is suit to weave the materials in  0.25--0.8.such as:iron,stainless steel,gold,alloy


 Automatic jewelry chain necklace weaving machine  is apply  to   full  automatic  weave and conduct  automatic welding process synchronous  connector  online  for  the materials  of  stainless steel,  iron, silver and gold ,solder joints smooth, beautiful, dissolve deep and large, Intensity height, and the machine have a variety of sensors, it can reply  the likely situation in the whole process, they all automatically lay off and give an alarm, point out  the worker dispose it promptly:

    When  the  material  have lost, automatically lay off and give an alarm. When the material  nutrients and chucking  In the process,the machine will automatically lay off and give an alarm. When the chain could not connect (Workpiece drop), the machine will automatically lay off and give an alarm.

Thought stochastic  specialized  the change of replacement parts,the same size machine can knit different kinds  of  necklace ,such as:

(1)  One-button cross.

(2)  One-button side(single circle turn 45°).

(3) Cross double buckle(Each circle all the other two circles cover).

   (4) Cross double side buckle.etc..many kinds 

   All transmission oil pump automatic machine with fuel supply system, the mechanical operation process in the coverage of all the oil, it make the mechanical life prolonged, keep continuous high precision automatic operation, this model has set up a file in the nearly 10 years of practical production process of operation, be confirmed is very outstanding.

4.When need to weave the chains in different wire diameter, it can through the change of different specification column cage to achieve(Random with any one , small type line diameter specification 0.3 --0.8 mm, big models in 0.6-- 1.8 mm specifications from one of the specification)

  Production speed: according  to the  different materials,diameter,kinds, every minutes between 200-300 piece, weaving and not only in welding, speed can be up to 400 piece/min)

 Equipment  constitute:

It include five parts :plasma welding machine, chain make up forming, synchronization small dish, the machine base, gas control system .

    plasma welding machine, is located in the top of the whole machine, self-contained , it can use on manual welding, with  the woven chain machine synchronous matching, it can complete welding automatically, by controlling the system to provide the welding synchronous signal, complete online welding, for the long-term use of welding of strengthening improvement, and for the flyer diameter welding of the small current fine-tuning top-ranking result, adjust the precision and high stability,easy to  get  consistent welding parts exterior effect, and endure China southern production environment of high temperature and high humidity, the power supply voltage change range’s extreme environment test.

For the convenience of production of metering, the machine has the function of production volume, when the production quantity to the default value, the equipment  will halt automatically. Full English dot matrix liquid crystal display interface.


2.Necklace knitting machine, is located in the central part of the whole machine, self-contained, it can alone to be automatic chain weaving function, with  the welding machine  synchronous matching, it can  realize online automatic welding.

The machine include automatic tension material put rack, electric pump injection lubrication and filtration system, lighting, manual machine commissioning handle, column cage (mold). The chain detection sensor, gravity detection sensor, the main operating control key, (driving) compressed air pressure to adjust and flow monitoring, adjust the argon gas detection, auxiliary gas flow test and adjust, knitting speed digital display, knitting speed stepless adjusting system, battery main switch etc.. the main part is made of aluminum alloy die casting process one-piece processing, it can fully guarantee the whole machine prevision and strength, mechanical parts are made of CNC machining center to ensure that the data with the accurate.

3. Material receiving turntable, is located in the central part of the base, self-contained, through the signal and the central control system is connected, can with the speed of the machine and the woven chain realize synchronization, (no  need for additional manual adjustment, the factory has adjusted by the computer security, synchronization)


Why the synchronization material receiving- - -because in the weaving machine woven chain process each circle after connected for 45°, that is once  increase is a circle, the chain turned 45°, in turn stack, wheel rotation direction and speed just offset Angle and the process of woven chain speed,

to prepare for the next plastic process.

Main Technical specifications:

   The power supply voltage: 220 VAC (according to local demands)

   The power supply current: 3.5 A

   The power consumption: 700 w

   Compressed air flow (about): 0.025 m/min (quite 1 HP air compressor can drive 4 a woven chain machine.

   Argon gas consumption: H1400mm phi 200 mm argon bottle filled (13 Mbar) can connect six braiding machine work for 24 hours on 6 days.






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