exterior wall material decorative honeycomb panel Aluminum honeycomb panel for curtain wall

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Post Date: Mar 26,2012

Product Description: exterior wall material decorative honeycomb panel Aluminum honeycomb panel for curtain wall

exterior wall material

Aluminum honeycomb panel is adopt international advanced aviation technology and combine advanced fully automatic production equipments, take the aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb core closely agglutinate a high-tech environmental protection adornment material, mainly used for building exterior decoration (especially suitable for high-rise buildings) interior wall , smallpox ceiling, wall separate, door and the thermal insulation compartment, signboard, etc.

"Green Initiative, Energy Saving" has become the development trend of modern decoration materials. Aluminum honeycomb panel conform to this direction, in order to exceed weatherability KYIAR - 500 fluorocarbon resin combination pre-roller coating technology being colored, and adopting advanced aerospace technologies combining advanced automatic production equipment continuous compound and into. Don't doping on human toxic substances, high strength, good rigidity, light weight, ultra smooth, color homogeneity, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, moistureproof, fire prevention, wind load resistance, anti-seismic and weather resistance, and long operating life and processing of convenient installation, color alternatives wide etc.

UV protection

Wind resistant

Cold resistant

Corrosion resistant

Pollution resistant


Properties of products

Sound insulation, Heat insulation,Heat preservation:

The material as a result of two level sheets between air layers is divided into many honeycomb closed pore, make waves and heat transmission by great limits, thus the material has good sound insulation, heat preservation performance.


The national fireproof construction material quality supervision and inspection center for identification, this material various performance indicators are in line with the provisions of the flame retardant materials requirements, GB standard - 1997-8624, the material combustion performance reach GB - 8624 - B1 level.

The superior flatness and rigidity

Aluminum honeycomb panel composed of many mutual contain dense cellular structure, like many small flanged beam, diversifiable inherit from panel direction of pressure plate suffers evenly; ensure the stress intensity and panel in a large while maintaining high smoothness.


Surface adopt pre-roller coating technology, anti-oxidation, long-time discoloration, in moist environment without mildew, and deformation condition.

Light weight, Enegry conservation

The materials are the same area of bricks light 70 times, only one third of the stainless steel weight.

Enviromental protection

This material is not send out any harmful gas material, easy cleaning, and recyclable reuse.


There is no change after inspection in 2% HCL in solution soaking for 24 hours, and in saturated Ca (OH) 2 solution soaking also.

Construction convience

The product has the complementary of aluminum alloy keel, simple to install, saving labor and time, repeatable and removable.


Product mix

Aluminum honeycomb panel is take aluminum alloy surface sheets with aluminum nest core as the base material, after pretreatment, coating with the primer, color finish, and varnish.

PVDF fluorocarbon resin coating

Aluminum alloy sheet

Aircraft adhesive

Aluminum honeycomb core

Protective reverse coating

Aluminum honeycomb composite materials have been applied in aerospace sector, its performance features: light, rigidity of strong, good flatness panels, sound insulation, heat insulation, the aviation materials used in high-rise skyscraper exterior decoration, won't because winds and insolates deformation and vibration, use in wall or smallpox can sound insulation, impact resistance deformation.

Product applications

Building interior, rain canopy: suitable for the airport, theatres, exhibition center, business center and government agencies, and bus shelter and external decoration of high-grade construction etc.

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